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Week 48 - What's the point in setting goals...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

When your body has plans of it's own?

I didn't lose any weight this week. I didn't gain either so that I good. But I actually did good this week and had a total calorie deficit of 8533 calories. I should have lost something. Hell, I would have even been happy with just a loss of 0.6 lbs to get me to my next reward weight. But nope. I am exactly the same this week as I was last week.

It's not going to stop me. I am still going to keep truckin'. I am just a bit annoyed.

Since this has kind of become a b*tch and moan blog a bit, I might as well go all the way with it.

So I have blogged about my switch in trainers. I loved my first trainer Cory. He was awesome. But he took a job in Texas so I had to switch to a new trainer Patrick. The first session was horrible. I ended up with an anxiety attack because I am so resistant to change. But as the sessions went on, I grew to accept the change and up until recently everything was good. I wasn't dreading the sessions as much and was even considering purchasing more after these were used up.

Then this week happened. At first, I thought maybe I was being hormonal since it was that time of the month but now that it is no longer that time of the month, I realize, I wasn't being hormonal.

So our sessions are at 9:30pm on Monday and Thursdays. The previous Thursday he asked if we could push it back to 10pm. I said yes because I prefer 10pm anyway because it allows me to get 30 minutes of cardio in before our session which means less cardio I have to do after our session. For some reason, it is so hard to do cardio after doing a bunch of strength training exercises. My body feels tired and lazy. So I prefer 10pm. But it was just for the one day. He specifically told me so. So on Monday, I am running a little late so I am hauling a$$ to get to the gym by 9:30pm. It's one thing if I am late and cutting into my cardio time but I don't want to be rude and cut into his time especially since I am his last client of the day and he usually has morning clients the following day. I try to be considerate.

So I haul a$$ to get to the gym by 9:30 and I literally walk into the gym right at 9:30. Usually I will get on the elliptical and wait for him to come get me but that is when I show up at 9:20ish. Since I was late, I went straight to looking for him. I couldn't see him so I ask the guy at the front desk where he is. He tells me my trainer is finishing up with someone so I get on the elliptical thinking they are running behind. Maybe his client ran late. So I get on the elliptical and don't bother to put my headset in because I only expect to be waiting a couple of minutes. Nope. He doesn't come get me until 10pm. He doesn't even say anything. So I ask, "Are we switching our time to 10pm now?" He said no and gave a bunch of excuses about his time and his clients and how everything is all messed up. I say, "Ok. Well I was running late so I was hauling a$$ to get here by 9:30." He just says "oh." Seriously? No freaking apology? Dude, not acceptable. He has my phone number. He could have texted me at any time during the day to tell me he was switching our time to 10pm so that way, I wouldn't be rushing. But apparently he doesn't think he should do that.

I try to shrug it off as a one time thing. I am willing to give people a chance. I mean, my first trainer Cory freaking straight up stood me up on our 4th sessions which pissed me off, but he apologized and I let it go. I thought maybe this was just a one time thing for this fool.

Anyway, at the end of our session on Monday, Patrick asks me to try to come in as close to 9pm as possible so we could get started as soon as I walk in so he can leave early because he has a morning client the next morning. I tell him I will try but because I don't get off work until 8pm and then have to go home and eat something real quick and get dressed, I couldn't promise to be here right at 9pm but will try. I am telling him this while thinking, "why the hell should I do you a favor when you can't even be considerate enough to text me and let me know you changed our meeting time? And don't even apologize for it?" Whatever.

So Monday comes and I haul a$$ again. I don't get there at 9pm because I got stuck at work but I walk in at 9:10pm expecting to get right to our sessions. He is sitting at the desk with his client he just finished with. I walk over to them. He doesn't acknowledge me. He is talking to her about non-workout related stuff. So I stand there and put my gloves on. I realize they aren't finished so I go into the room we workout in the wait for him, again thinking it's only going to be a few minutes. I can see him still sitting there looking as though he has no intention on moving. I get pissed. I start texting Cory asking if I can get a refund for my unused sessions and he says no, that their policy is once you sign up, you either use them or lose them. Which then of course makes me even more mad. He asks me what's going on and I tell him and we proceed to text for the 20 minutes I am sitting their waiting for my trainer who specifically asked me to come in as early as possible so we can get started.

At 10 pm, I see him go look for me. So I walk out of the room and let him see me and then walk back in. He comes in and doesn't say squat about anything. So after doing one round of exercises, I ask him, "Did you not see me come in?" He said he did. And I guess I gave him a look of confusion because he then said, "I was talking to my other client. Did I not make myself clear? We meet at 9:30pm." Now I am seriously trying to control myself. I am a very outspoken, bluntly honest person who really just speaks before she thinks. I am trying not to do that because we still have 8 sessions left and I don't want to make them awkward. So I say, "Yes, I know we meet at 9:30pm. But on Monday you asked me to come in at 9pm and that we would get started as soon as I come in. So I rushed to get here as close to 9pm as I could." He then said, "Well, I was talking to my other client." I just shut up. I am sure I had a look of utter disbelief on my face because he just stood there staring at me while I stood there trying to remain calm. I just said, "let's get back to work." Didn't speak of it again.

I mean, really. Again no freaking apology? Even when someone points out that they screwed up he can't even muster up a fake professional apology? I work customer service. I apologize all day long to customers for things that I didn't even do or have any control over and no, my apologies are not real. But at least I try. He can't do the same???

While I really don't want to break a new trainer in, I am seriously thinking about finding a new trainer to finish my last 8 sessions out with. At this point, with this guy, I am definitely not buying more sessions because I can't stand him and I really wanna smush him like a bug. The only thing I am worried about is maybe the other trainers won't work with my late time. I looked online and see that there are some new trainers and they actually have their times posted later so maybe they will. I am off work on Wednesday so I am thinking about going in and talking to the fitness manager about switching trainers. I just know my trainer will be there working with someone and I am afraid if he sees me and I am unable to switch, the rest of our sessions will be awkward. So maybe I will just call.

I don't know. But I am so fed up and about 2 weeks after these sessions run out, I have a vacation planned. We are going on a cruise and vacations and me don't usually go well together. As I have blogged about before, my mini vacation in Vegas in March totally threw me off track for the whole month and had it not been for my sessions with Cory, I would have never gotten back on the wagon. I was clawing my way through March. I am kind of expecting the same thing in July so I want my session to fall back on to make sure I keep at it even when I don't want to. So I don't know what I am going to do.

At the same time, training is expensive and I really can't afford to buy more sessions so I feel so lost.
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    It isn't unusual that your weight didn't change. Happens to me all the time. However, it is important that you don't let it stress you out too much and continue the good work. Just remember, you didn't gain any either! Try to keep looking on the bright side of things.
    2153 days ago
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