Missi on the rope swing (my first video blog)!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm swinging - in a bikini!

Yesterday, we went kayaking on our beautiful “ladybird lake.” It was so much fun! The whole time we were out there, I kept thinking of how grateful I am that I’m more fit than I used to be. (Thank you, sparkpeople!)

Here is my list of gratitude from the day on the lake:
1) Thank you for these muscles that show up every time I put the paddle in the water. WOW!

2) Thank you for helping me finally feel comfortable in a bikini - in public!

3) Thank you for helping me have the stamina to paddle further than ever before, so that we could find an awesome shady spot with a ladder and a rope swing.

4) Thank you for giving me the confidence to climb a tree and teach my kid how to swing far, and jump into the lake.

5) Thank you for all the extra energy that allowed my daughter and I to continue to jump and swing for nearly an hour.

6) And, a very special thank you for this: when the young couple came up, I kept swinging even though I was in a bikini. I felt good because even though the 20 something girl was also in a bikini, I felt like I didn't look like her mother. An even MORE special thank you for the comment the young couple made as I handed them the rope and they took their first turn: "you don't think that the two of us are too old to do this?" Umm... no - I'm almost twice your age, so I don't think you are too old. Loved it!

Super day, super fun. Fitness I could only do because I'm taking good care of my body. It was a reward inside fitness, inside fun. SMILING BIG HERE!
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