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an evening jaunt

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It was glorious weather yesterday, it's a bit too hot really but then that's the vagaries of the English weather and, of course, we're never

We went for a drive after tea when it was a little bit cooler.
Thornton-le-Dale in the Yorkshire Moors beckoned us and we walked the beck banks in the evening sunlight, I even dabbled my toes in the cool clear water!

Thornton-le-Dale is a very picturesque quintessential English village and almost certainly features on every tourist trip to the area...another reason to visit in the evening when all the sightseers have gone!
Famous for its chocolate box pretty thatched cottage alongside a trickling stream and bridge it's a magnet for photographers and so in true photographer fashion I took the picture!
This cottage features on many a souvenir box of chocolates or biscuit tin but it is certainly pretty and though it isn't lived in now the village council look after it and keep the thatch and garden in good condition...after all it's their main village income!

We strolled down the pathway next to the burbling beck, crossed the little bridge and wandered around the village. The houses on the other side of the beck have little private bridges across to them, they were dappled with sunlight under the beech trees and had a gate at the end which opened into pretty cottage gardens.

Tiny darting minnows around an inch long swam in nursery shoals alongside the banks until your shadow disturbed them and the were suddenly gone in a silver flash.
I found a big fat common green frog just sitting on the path near the water, he never moved a muscle as I took his photograph and was still sitting in the same spot as we went on.

Even though it was evening the insects were still out, myriads of tiny flies dancing in the shafts of golden light, vying with the sunlit dust motes as they hovered above the water and a big fat velvety backed bumble bee was drowsily sipping from a bright yellow dandelion flower.

The peace and tranquility was tangible, not a sound except the tricking of the water and a gentle breeze soughing through the trees.

We stood on the little Beck Isle bridge feeling the breeze across our necks as we watched the wind ruffle the surface of the water, listening to the murmer as it tumbled over a tiny waterfall below.
A squirrel ran lightly along a big branch above us, then winding his way around the tree's trunk he vanished into the new spring green leaves of the canopy.
Underneath the tree the banks were yellow with crosswort, basking in the sunshine showing off it's goldy-green glow, crossed leaves and tiny yellow pretty even if it is a weed!

The drive back was pleasant with the car windows wound down and the wind ruffling our hair, we stopped at a little country pub for a quiet drink before continuing home watching the shadows lengthen through the pinky-red rays of the setting sun.

bumblebee on dandelion

Common Frog


pretty thatched cottage

private bridge to one of the cottages

pink sunset
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