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Love/hate relationship

Friday, May 25, 2012

I really shouldn’t complain about it but I am in a love/hate relationship. Living in Arizona really restricts when I can do my running. That is unless I want to overheat or dehydrate myself. No I’m not complaining about living in Arizona. It’s a wonderful place to live. To really fall in love with it would make it easier for me to keep my training up in those 105 plus days. So what is this item that I have a love/hate relationship with? The treadmill. emoticon You see, when I run on the treadmilI, have two problems. The first is with losing my balance (when I keep my glasses on.) You see I have the no line bifocals that do strange things to me when I wear them while on a treadmill. They don’t bother me when I run outside. So I have to take them off, then I can’t read the display. The second problem is the hamster syndrome. You know what I mean? Like a hamster on one of those wheels that go nowhere. For me it’s like I’m trying to get some place but I’m just spinning my tires. Yet I need to use the treadmill more if I want to ever be ready for my ½ marathon in October and my 1st full marathon in January. Remember I am not talking about speed/power walking this one, but running it. So I have to figure out how to endure the seemingly endless runs on the treadmill. Maybe the gym would put it in room that would let you run in a virtual world. LOL. Anyway I have to figure out how to get past this if I’m to achieve my goal.

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    Are there indoor running tracks nearby? I hate the treadmill too so I go to an indoor track (it's free, and it's on the top level of an icerink so it's always cool when it's too hot and humid outside).
    2201 days ago
    Play some of your good music with a good beat and it could help with the boredom on the treadmill. Good Luck!
    2210 days ago
    I'd just put your glasses back on at the conclusion of your walk/run to see what the final results are on the display.

    And though you may feel like a hamster (which is really a compellingly funny image) as other posters wrote, you're not stuck in a cage.

    If your gym doesn't have TVs (like LA Fitness does) I'd think about buying a used treadmill and putting it in your house or apt so you could rock out to tunes; not have to drive anywhere; do multiple short sessions and so on.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2211 days ago
    I like the dreadmill for bad weather days and hot days outside. I never though of it as being like a hamster, I guess that can be true the only different is that I'm not caged.
    2217 days ago
    I use my treadmill @ times when I can't walk outdoors. When I use it I get the Hamster Syndrome too. BUT I fine that if I watch a movie, watch a comedy (like I Love Lucy or Dick Van Dyke) it goes quickly.

    I got addicted to looking at the darn display panel so I put my towel over it so it's not a distraction.

    Definitely one of this situation where you have to figure out what is going to make it manageable for you.

    I see the contacts have already been suggested. That's about the only sollution I can think of for the glasses problem.

    Good luck, and hang in there!
    2217 days ago
    Keep on keeping on.... I feel for you... as I have the same feelings about my stationary bike!!!
    2217 days ago
    Steve, living in Houston I can relate to the heat problems. We add the humidity to that. The group I sometimes run with starts early enough that we finish before the sun is very high. We start when it's still dark outside. This morning I ran 4 miles and was finished before 6:00. The sky is light then but the sun hadn't come up. Fall half and full marathons are tough since you have to train over the summer.
    I hate the treadmill. Every mile feels like 10 running on the streets so I never use one.
    Hope you find a way to get used to the heat or enjoy the treadmill.
    emoticon emoticon
    2217 days ago
    I bought a treadmill because I have so many foot, ankle, and leg problems, and after awhile, I just got used to it. Having a TV in front of me helps, as does music, but more often than not, I hit my stride and the act of running becomes meditative. Other times, I do the opposite and use the time to think stuff out. As for running without glasses, what do you need to see on the display? I often think the display is a disadvantage--like setting it to a certain speed traps me at the speed, and some mental block prevents me from thinking I can go faster. After I got my heart rate monitor, I started using that to check my heart rate and calories. Unless I'm doing incline intervals, I keep the incline steady, then just use the up and down arrows to control the speed without worrying about the numbers. I hope that helps! Good luck finding something that works for you. I want to start training my legs to handle harder surfaces, and I'd love to get back into trail running, but I'm definitely going to wait for cooler weather!
    2217 days ago
    I know, I find a treadmill boring and now I know why. I don't want to be a hamster! I had never thought of that and I am so glad to have read your blog. I do hope you find a suitable answer to your vision problem while running, and to your hamster syndrome....As for me, I sold my treadmill and started a Zumba class, which I love! emoticon
    2217 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    I have those bifocals too! I know they let people walk in the malls, but running is probably out. Can you listen to music or a recorded book? Other than placing a TV in front of the treadmill (which you could do at home, but not in the gym) I can't think of any other suggestions. Good luck with your training!
    2217 days ago
    Oh Steve! I dislike that emoticon too!! ...totally feel like a hamster! LOL!
    ...can you wear contacts? I do & I love them.
    Ever since I began to run on our lovely turf track outdoors, I love it...won't touch the treadmill unless someone drags me. LOL!

    2218 days ago

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