No longer a low-carb eater!

Friday, May 25, 2012

That's right. I am no longer a low-carb eater.

I am a healthy eater.

It just happens that the way to eat healthy (especially for me) doesn't involve eating loads of grains dipped in potatoes slathered in beans and coated with sugar. No, it is not healthy (for me) to eat rice on the side of my veggies and meat. No, it is not healthy (for me) to eat a massive pile of pasta with bread sticks on the side. No, it is not healthy (for me) to put that really nice food between two slices of whole wheat bread. Natural sugar like honey or maple syrup isn't better for me than highly-processed factory-farmed beet sugar. I won't fool myself into thinking that the sugar in milk is somehow magically better than rock candy. It is the protein and vitamins in milk, beans, fruit and starchy vegetables that are good for me. It is the carbohydrates in those foods that must force me to ask a question....Is it worth it? I sometimes answer that question with, 'Yes!' especially when it is something that tastes really good, but I am fully aware that they are doing the same things to me as cake, ice cream or toast. This morning, I had sausage and eggs for breakfast. I plan on having a big dressing-drenched chicken salad for lunch. Dinner will be meat and vegetables. Why? Because they are tasty, I like them and they are health foods!

So, I will work hard to stop calling myself a 'low-carb eater' from now on because I am not just that. I eat healthy foods in satisfying quantities. I am rarely hungry and strive to always be happy with my food choices.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this forward thinking and it sounds just like me.
    1990 days ago
    I am also "low-carb" eater as well and love it!

    I have a question though, is eating low-carb the same as eating gluten free? Thanks! emoticon
    2095 days ago
    Loved this!
    2101 days ago
  • --KREN
    I love your approach. I call it my Simple Plan and wrote a blog about it. I started by substituting non-starchy veggies for all the starches in my diet. My body has been informing me (and I finally heard it!) that sugar and starch are NOT GOOD for it.

    I slip now and then but that leaves me with a "food hangover" the next morning and so many aches I can barely get out of bed. My body is so much happier without sugar and starch that I can't ignore that fact. Amazingly, there's a lot of science coming to forefront that agrees and explains this. I read about this nutrition a lot because it keeps me motivated. I'm always thrilled to find someone else who has "discovered" what it means to be a healthy eater!

    2142 days ago
    It's good to know oneself.
    2147 days ago
    great plan!!!!!!
    2157 days ago
    I love this blog! :)
    2158 days ago
    I really like this! Great blog!! Now I gotta go get my grilled chicken salad fully dressed as well!
    2158 days ago
    'Liked' and LOVED this.
    I do hate how people need to pigeon-hole other people, too.
    We are all on our own journey.
    2158 days ago
    Awesome! I hate how folks have to pigeon hole/label everything - I mean, paleo/low carb is getting as bad as the veg world - are you lacto paleo? low carb paleo? primal? modified?

    no... just eating to achieve optimal health for me, thanks. :)
    2158 days ago
    Thanks for the comments.

    Yes, ROI is a good way of thinking of it. An occasional no-sugar added ice cream or slice of birthday cake or slice of pizza is worth it to me (still rare), but rice or sandwich bread or even beer just isn't for me. I don't actually like rice or plain bread or beer. I really like sweets. So, if I encounter something very carby, I do ask myself if I would really want to eat this instead of waiting and having some ice cream another time. Usually the answer is, "No"!

    When I was younger, I would sometimes use the financial unit of measure called a CD. That was about $15 or the price of one compact disk filled with music. I would ask myself how many CDs I could NOT buy if I spent this money on something else now. I feel like I am kind of doing the same thing with food. How much watermelon or cake do I have to NOT have later if I eat this slice of bread right now?
    2158 days ago
    Healthy eater (mostly) here too. With one notable exception.

    Being immersed in the finance world at work I tend to see things in terms of ROI (return-on-investment). For the first 10 months of my new healthier lifestyle my beers' ROI was very slightly positive. Not so much anymore, which is why I'm working to cut back some more. One beer has a positive ROI, 2 is neutral, but any more than that results in a negative, and must be cut out or my "bottom line" suffers.

    2158 days ago
    Count me as a healthy-eater, too! I now treat grains and starches like rice, potatoes and bread as an occasional treat, just like ice cream and cake. Including them with every meal was the secret to keeping me fat. Excluding them is the key to keeping me slim - even while on vacation! Protein and veg are winners. I don't count calories, and I'm never hungry. Eating healthy is easy!

    2158 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/25/2012 9:02:52 AM
    I have never been on a low- carb diet and never wished to be.
    Portions and moderation is key!

    Wishing you continuous success towards your journey to good health and fit you!

    Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    2158 days ago
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