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Saw the Heartthrob Kid this morning

Friday, May 25, 2012

He was my student last year and the previous year - he's now in high school. He was going in early to print a report for a class, I drove by and gave him a ride.

He's the kid with a ready smile, a polite "Good morning, Ms. Schwartz" as he got in the car. He's the student who goes in early to print a report instead of leaving it for the last minute. He's the person who won my race last year (Il Palio) and this year made it on the football team - but he's a wiry guy, maybe 5'8" and possibly 150 lbs - so he's playing defense, since he said "It's kind of hard being tackled by 320 lb guys, so I'm working out."

He cracks me up. Bright, talented, motivated, and all around nice kid. Last year, I swear half the school was in love with him. Half the boys wanted to BE him. When other students call him a nerd because he gets good grades, he says thank you.

He's the student who, when the advanced class last year asked what I was going to do once I retired after this year, said "Wow, COOL!" when I explained that we were selling our belongings, buying a camper van, and going off travelling around the world - beginning in New Zealand. Other kids were appalled - how could I not stay in one place? Buy a house? Just sit still because I must be OLD to retire - how could I go off travelling? That one "Wow, COOL" told me a lot about HK.

And to top things off, when I had an armful of posters to put up in the cafeteria for a special event, and he saw me struggling to shut my door, he didn't say a word, just walked over and took everything out of my arms, and carried it down to the cafeteria, chatting as if he hadn't done such a wonderfully helpful thing so nonchalantly. As if manners and thoughtfulness have been ingrained in him since we was a baby. (I love parents who raise their kids like this.)

"Okay, thank you for the ride, Ms. Schwartz. It was good seeing you again." Yes, Heartthrob, it was good seeing you again too.
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