Resolution (a follow-up to Valium)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OK, SparkPeople...I'm gonna try this again and I won't make any citations with what I write so that I don't have my blog erased on me.

Anywhoooo....Webster-Merriam Dictionary (please consider this my citation) defines the word resolution in several ways, two of which are:

The act or process of resolving as the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones, the act of answering, solving and/or the act of determining


The process or capability of making distinguishable the individual parts of an object, closely adjacent optical images, or sources of light. A measure of the sharpness of an image or of the fineness with which a device (as a video display, printer, or scanner) can produce or record such an image usually expressed as the total number or density of pixels in the image (a resolution of 1200 dots per inch)

Both apply to this blog to some degree.

For this to make any sense, you will have needed to read my last blog (Anyone have some valium?)

Just a quick review: I love my job, but it doesn't pay much. I put in for another job that pays much better but comes with a lot of negatives. As soon as I put in for the job, I almost immediately regretted it. I thought that I would have some time to think about it, but they called two days later to ask for an interview....I freaked and stopped sleeping and then wrote the previous blog.

I spoke with my BFF (who I had previously talked out of the same job) and she was very cool and supportive about it, but I still had no relief. I spoke (cried to) my mom and she was supportive, but said that if just setting up the interview upsets me this much, what is going to happen if I were ever to actually LEAVE my job. This was a very good point. I threw it out to my fantastic SparkFriends (love you guys) and most of you had comments and experiences on both sides. Finally, I decided to decide one way. If I slept, it was perhaps a sound decision, if I didn't, I still had time to change my mind. I decided that I would not go through with the interview. At the risk of sounding like a flake, I would call them on Monday (this way I had the whole weekend to see how this felt) and cancel the interview. I slept like a baby and I thought about things other than the pros and cons of leaving my job.

I didn't do anything on Monday...or Tuesday (in regards to the interview). Tuesday night, I explained to DH that I was going to call and cancel the interview. He seemed disappointed that I didn't just at least do the interview, but I'd rather not stress myself out for the next few days, nor do I want to waste their time. He actually came out and said that he would support me in whatever I decided...this of course made me bawl. Sheer relief. He then went on to say that they extra money sure would've been great, at which point I stopped him. I forbade EITHER OF US to play the woulda, coulda, shoulda, what if game on this. The will always be that question, but I refuse to entertain it.

I continue to sleep well. This was the right decision.

I did call today and basically explained to them that I didn't want to sound like a flake, but I also didn't want to waste any of their time. I explained that I am currently involved in several projects that I really feel I want to see through and that this maybe just isn't the best time for a change. They thanked me for letting them know in advance and that was it. It's over.

Thank you everyone for your support, encouraging words, sharing your experiences and hot rocks to throw at people (in the form of SparkGoodies). I so appreciate it. Thank you.
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    I totally agree with everyone here! I think you made the right decision and in the right way:0
    3317 days ago
    Okay I know we've never met in person and technically I don't know you that well....but I still feel like we're friends and I gotta say when I read this I was so relieved!! I'm so glad you didn't leave the job you love! I hope this decision makes you happy because it makes me happy illogical as that may be! lol! Btw, I think it was really smart to talk to everyone about it and take time to make a decision that felt right for you.

    emoticon emoticon
    3317 days ago
    I am so glad things worked out for you and you are now getting settled. Something I realized a long time ago even if the decision feels right- if your mind cant put it to bed and if you are upset about it then something is in fact not right. I think you handled it beautifully- talked it through, ranted it out, came to your conclusion and put it to bed. (and you made sure to put it to bed!) Great job! I am also glad the rocks helped. emoticon Somethin told me they would!

    3318 days ago
    My dear, I think you handled the situation perfectly for you. Frankly, doesn't matter what anyone else thinks (though I'm really glad to hear DH was in support and I'm glad you nipped the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" in the bud. You know what . . . if a job change is to be, you'll find the right one for you and your needs.

    You resolved your problem . . . no Valium! HEE HEE Hey, Valium is highly overrated anyway!
    3318 days ago
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