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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Like the progression of music for the last 100 years, I have experienced the progression of my thought process regrading nutrition and food.

Led Zeppelin is one of the heaviest progressive folk bands of all time that is categorized with blues guitar riffs and synchronized drumming to boot. All things progress overtime and some people(like Jimmy Page and Robert Plant) were ahead of their generation. Their music was new, different, and influential on many bands to form. The influences of our thought processes can be far and wide and our ability to create is one of the things that makes us human. Just like the bands that were influenced by the mighty led zeppelin, I have had my influences too. I feel that a lot of the "theories" I have adopted and the "knowledge" I have accumulated is useful to know but really doesn't have any practical application in most instances. What I mean by this is the following:

Traditional Diets are Irrelevant

This may sound strange from the guy who has studied Weston A Price, Melvin Page, TL Cleave , Linda berg, etc but I found that these people living in isolation, while they may show no signs of disease, have lived a different life then us "civilized" people have. Changes in epigentics can take place very quickly, environmental ques and social interactions have made this world very different then what our ancestors experienced. Most of this information when explained to average person doesn't even connect and seems trivial in its explanation. Thus, All we can do is Speculate on ancient diets...that's it. Ancient Diets really make us ask more questions then actually answer our original hypothesis. So instead of trying to eat like these cultures, let's focus on the here and now and figure out what works on the individual level for people in different geographical locations with metabolic interdependency.

"Restraint and restriction is another important and underappreciated aspect of trying to eat a traditional diet – whatever that is. The human brain and emotions are extremely complex and powerful, potentially having more of an influence over one’s health status than the quality of their diet in many cases. Trying to eat a strict diet when you are surrounded by tempting other options is not something traditional peoples had to deal with. The food they had was all they knew, so as long as supplies were adequate, they knew not deprivation. But the feeling of deprivation or wanting something and not providing it to your body are powerful triggers of physiological changes within your body – namely catapulting your body into a hibernatory, low metabolic state."

"Of course, we shouldn’t discredit all elements of traditional food eating. I think the main lessons that can be gathered and banked on are that they ate the whole animal, ate whole foods, never ate a vegan diet, and ate foods with a high nutritional value in terms of vitamins and minerals. These are great fundamentals. However, complexity still remains. Eating the whole animal is something that is impractical for some, many lack the skills, abilities, knowledge, and equipment to “cook the whole animal,” many can’t conveniently acquire whole animals, and many see the brains and liver and eyes and such as yucky. Trying to force down unpalatable food is a health liability as far as I’m concerned, and studies have indicated that eating something that’s not enjoyable reduces mineral absorption from that meal."

Traditional peoples, while they had excellent health, were still not some magical pinnacle of human health and longevity. They should not be worshipped as if they lived to be 700 years old. They didn’t. Many aged just as quickly as we do. Many aged much faster. With modern science we can see precisely what type of diet and lifestyle (and most importantly, mindset) accelerates aging and which kind slows the aging process. Jack LaLanne probably had a higher degree of functional longevity than almost any traditional tribe member. Don Gorske will outlive most Eskimos eating only Big Macs, parfaits, and Coca Cola, presumably because “he’s lovin’ it.”-

Low Carb, Vegan, Paleo Whatever are rabbit holes

For every diet philosophy there is a counter philosophy and in the end all this arguing over whether carbohydrates are going to kill me or if red meat is going to give me cancer is really divisive and actually weakens our goal to fix our food system. The energy we spend arguing against people with pretty much the same goal of achieving sovereign health is foiled by our egos and rigidness in diet mentality. Just because we sit down at a restaurant and order something different shouldn't make us enemies. We should be attacking people like Big Pharma, Monsanto, and other organizations whose soul purpose is $agenda$ driven. Coming together to create a better world for future generations is much more important then arguing about what amount of carbohydrates causes "insidious" weight gain or how much saturated fat is in the artery clogging milk.

"... looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you."

Epidemiological studies are flawed... get over it

Once again, this is alluding to point #2, we see many people making claims that this study proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that such and such directly causes this malfunction and everyone will benefit from these guidelines regardless of individual biological make up. For every study that "proves" something there are 10 other studies that disprove it. Studies are fun to read, but we really only know about 1% of the full capacity of the human body, let alone the countless factors that influence what we perceive is shown and how we interpret the data. To know it all would just be impossible and no amount of cohort or observational studies are going to spew out the holy grail of health.

"It can be proven that most claimed research findings are false" - John P. A. Ioannidis

Lose Weight or Die

I really have nothing against getting in shape, exercising or eating good food; the point of this little excerpt is the obsession with being thin and blaming being overweight for your problems. As much of the early blog posts focused on weight lose, it became apparent that forced... well anything, seems to be of detriment to the body. The amount of evidence AGAINST forced weight lose is overwhelming and the many negative health implications have become very apparent. It's more important just to focus on eating good food, even if the weight doesn't come off but other health complications diminish. Weight lose isn't everything.

"One of the most notable implications of the Minnesota experiment is that it challenges the popular notion that body weight is easily altered if one simply exercises a bit of “willpower." It also demonstrates that the body is not simply “reprogrammed" at a lower set point once weight loss has been achieved. The volunteers' experimental diet was unsuccessful in overriding their bodies' strong propensity to defend a particular weight level. "

Moving Forward:

As I move forward with my writing I may go back and touch base with some of the posts regarding metabolism, temperature catalysts, exercise etc but for the most part I will just focus on rational explanations for practical use instead of some of the ridged and new ideas I have come across in my little bit of research that would seem to confuse most people who are not following the same "logic". Can we all be ripped like super Can we all be Striving for perfection is now beyond me as this idealistic approach really just exposes nutritional and health virginity. There is a lot of information out there that needs to be turned into knowledge, digested and pooped out into my brain receptor. I can't know it all and I won't pretend to. I just hope to come to some inconvenient truths in weird places as I continue to read and reread material from all different facets of health.

"It begins where it nothingness. A nightmare born from deepest fears, coming to me unguarded...whispering images unlocked from time and distance. A soul unbound - touched by others but never held. On a course charted by some unseen hand. The journey ahead promising no more than my past reflecting back upon me. Until at last, I reach the end, facing a truth I can no longer deny. Alone, as ever."

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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    Ola and welcome to the blog:

    I have studied ancient people and I agree with everything you are saying, but that wasn't the point of the post. Do you see how you just kinda went on rant but didn't really come to a conclusion? (no offense) This is what I see go on and on in the blogosphere and that was that point of that little excerpt. Ancient diets are confusing, there's a lot of questions left unanswered. I try to get people to move AWAY from that stuff and keep a level head. The overall take home message was to "light'n" up about nutrition and health and stop over-complicating theories with pemmican and the thousands of epidemiological studies that contradict each other. The simpler the better.

    And yes I agree with the led zeppelin reference, sadly you left out "black dog" and how it pertained to the house they were recording in.
    2454 days ago
    I enjoyed the read!

    one thing that did pop into my mind, was when you were discussing peoples from bygone eras eating the whole animal and such. While yes, they did eat differently than we do for certain, they also died much younger. Many never lived over 30, according to the research and things that I have read.

    They did live through hard times in comparison, as well. They would trek vast distances every year, and on these treks would live on things like pemmican, though that may be a more modern name for it.

    A lot of people would not dream of eating pemmican today, for the simple fact that the whole thing is held together with fat rendered from the animals they ate. they would dry berries, seeds and bits of meat in the sun and then mix it all into the fat.

    This was their staple on their long treks. It kept them alive. Their bodies so conditioned, whipcord lean, could not get enough of this fat to keep them going.

    Today, everyone is screaming about fat in this and fat in that...yes, it is true there is fat everywhere.. the holy trinity of marketing is fat, salt and sugar. Those three make a lot of money in todays marketing world.

    Our bodies do need some fats, as proven all those years ago by long treks and pemmican. The ancient peoples knew there bodies burned the fat and it kept them mobile and warm.

    The differences in culture is the key. They did not ride anywhere, they walked, they jogged, they ran. From what I can see it was thousands of years later , the peoples figured out how to ride a horse and probably other animals. Most of the people in todays world, get in a car, rarely walk anywhere.

    Music- again, there are more influences than just Led Zepplin. Led Zepplin was influenced by Elvis, as well as other Blues musicians BUT also by writers such as J. R. R. Tolkien. (Lord of the rings series) This is much evidenced by in "Ramblin on""Misty Mountain Hop" and "The Battle of Evermore". Some speculate that "Stairway to Heaven" also references Tolkien.

    So like nutrition, which is influenced from many cultures and eras, so is music. And I have lost my train of thought! ha ha ha so I will leave it there for now.

    Great blog, very thought provoking!

    2455 days ago
    I have re-read many of your blogs, so enjoying your writing style that I miss the point of your message sometimes. However, my own interpretation of your presentation is that a healthy lifestyle is much less complex than it is made out to be. Just as your writing style seems too detailed for the average mind to digest, most diet plans seem too difficult for the average body to tolerate. Once I got past Led Zeppelin, whch I have never quite gotten past in my life, I realized that I just needed to sit back and enjoy the music of your message. Thank you!
    2458 days ago

    Unfortunately I find that the content I discuss doesn't connect with the average person and it's explanation only confuses most people. I'm working on "dumbing down" my blog posts but I find that it's more important to accumulate knowledge then to receive information. My blog isn't rainbows and sunshine and that puts a lot of people off. There are no weight lose tips or fancy calorie charts, a lot of that is superfluous in my experience. My Blog is more for people who have tried it all, are metabolically screwed up, and need a new perspective on health without dogmatic ideology and nutritional rigidity.
    2458 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many of us who are just floating from one crazy diet or work-out to another. Though I have improved my diet and decided to walk my way to good health, there are so many conflicting theories out there concerning nutrition. As a nutritionist, you will be a great asset to this program. I am amazed that more people have not responded to your blogs. Keep up the good work!
    2459 days ago
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