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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're in this AWESOME lil Challenge called The BLC and this week our Theme is TRUTH or DARE! So we put it out there...in our Challengers hands to offer up some TRUTH or DARES and the Admin (5 of us) would Answer these Truths and Dares.

Here are some of the TRUTHS we were issued:

What is the craziest thing you've ever done?

This is Truth…Oh my Gawsh…here we go….I can't believe I am typing this....One night we had a Girls night out...and we went to a place that had Poles to Dance on...and so I did! Holy Cow! (Don't worry no clothes were removed and the only thing that got slightly hurt was my back side. Flat out on my back!!! hehehehee) I did Not do very well…Turns out…It takes a LOT of Strength and Flexibility! =D but it WAS Crazy! Then the very same night...I rode a mechanical bull...MUCH harder than one might think. YEEHAW!!!

If you could talk to one person, dead or alive, to ask for guidance, who would it be and why?

My Mom...She is such a Wonderful and Wise Resource!

What is the highest your weight ever reached? How far below it are you now? Why?

220 Highest (aside from pregnancy...250ish) I was 208 as of yesterday. I had gotten down to 193 back in 2007...and then it has been up and down numerous times since then. Over the holidays I managed to get right back up to 220, but that was as far as I was going to allow myself to go… and I have been working hard to put that number in the dust. I only started back into a regular routine a few weeks before this Round started...We went through some family BEFORE and AFTER moments with My husbands Father's health and my BIL and SIL getting into a serious motorcycle accident Last year. I reverted back to putting everyone and everything ahead of myself...and I Soon allowed excuses to take over my Life. Since about 6 weeks ago, I have been exercising everyday. Whether with the kids, or going for a good sweat session...I have been ACTIVE and that is a HUGE Difference!!! I am seeing RESULTS Every Week because I am now FOCUSED and Centered, Once Again. Ahhhhhhh...Sweet PROGRESS!

Is it true or false that heavier weights less reps burn more calories than lighter weights/more reps?

Hmmmm...This is NOT a Professional opinion, since I am not Registered as a Professional at all...but I am thinking that The answer would be YES you would burn more calories with higher weights and less reps because it is causing your muscle to GROW and become larger and more efficient at burning calories, rather than maintaining your current muscle mass.

Remember the Alkaselter comercial "I can't believe I at the whole thing". Tell us about a time that you "can't believe you ate the whole thing"

I don't know if I ever really had an *I ate the whole thing* moment...but I did go crazy on Girl Scout cookies once and ate nearly a whole sleeve by myself in one sitting. They tasted so durn good and I must have been hungry. Good thing those days are GONE!

Do you practice cheat meals or cheat days?

No...I use an 80/20 Rule. 80% of the time I make Healthy, Good for you Choices...but I allow myself 20% Wiggle Room, so I never feel deprived. This is for LIFE and I can not deprive myself of the things I enjoy for Life...but I CAN use Moderation...Allow for it in my calorie bank, or work off the excess calories.

How well do you really follow your own suggestions and advice?

I do my very best...If I stumble...and I do stumble sometimes...I try to practice what I preach and get back up and Try Again. I am not perfect...None of us are...So I have distractions in my Life too from time to time...but I try to Follow my own advice and have set DAILY GOALS...I try to Achieve at least 80% of them...and the days I do better YAY!!! I also try to be forgiving of myself and Move on.

Your most recent "indulgence"

I bought another GoWearFIt monitor (or body media) so that I can KNOW exactly how many calories I am burning everyday...how many steps I take...How many Moderate Minutes...How many Vigorous Minutes...check the quality of my sleep...How much I am actually sleeping vs. laying down. I LOVE this thing...I wore my old one til it worked no longer...had to wait for a while to get my new one but I LOVE IT and I am so Glad I invested that back into my Life for my health. The other day…I made a Personal Best and burned about 3700 calories in 24 hours…I usually burn about 2700-2900 with a workout…I know that when I first started wearing this monitor, I was burning about low 500’s while I slept…That is doing nothing but sleeping…and now…I am burning over 600 while I sleep. So my body IS responding…and I KNOW that…because of this AWESOME Device!!!

are/were you a closet/secret eater?

I did tend to not eat indulgent foods in front of others for a while...I felt embarrassed by my size and felt folks might judge me for what I was eating...but now I feel Very Good...Healthy...In my Mind and body...I no longer am embarrassed...I work hard and I am Focused on my Goals...and it is evidenced in my food choices anyway and my decision to overindulge or not. I have changed my ways and have Learned to Change and Grow. I am no longer that girl...and have not been for a very long time.

Have you ever had a one night stand?

Nope...but I have had a couple of short-lived relationships. =D

What's the most ridiculous thing you've even done/worn/eaten in an attempt to look skinnier?

Oh my gosh...I think it was the Mayo clinic diet a hundred years ago...You could eat ice cream and hot dogs or something silly like that.

Do you believe that you can't love others without loving yourself first?

Yes I do...If you do not know how to love your own-self...how can you know how to Love others?

Favorite thing to do to unwind is:

Watch tv with my hunny at the end of a long day.

What makes you feel strong?

Doing a Clean and Press with a barbell loaded with 60 pounds! Does not sound like a lot...but do that a few times and tell me if it doesn't feel good to have accomplished that...Or when I kick-box. WHOOOO! I get Amped over that!!! I feel STRONG and EMPOWERED!

When was the last time you wore a bikini to the beach?

Never...I am not really near a beach...I am still working on overcoming my bathing suit issues though. Showing that much Skin...It is not in my nature yet...but I am working at it and starting feel Progress from my efforts and I am hoping that THIS is the Summer that I wear a bathing suit and own it! Maybe not a bikini yet though. =D

Are you serious about getting in shape and/or losing weight?

I have not been in the BLC, and in Leadership for 15 Rounds for nothing. Not only am I serious about MY reasons for being here...but I am serious about Yours too.

What treat food do you STILL have stashed away in your desk drawer, closet, freezer or behind the pots and pans?

Not that it is stashed away...but I do like ice cream...It is my kryptonite...but I actually try not to have it in the house…at least not the kinds I like. I have been good about my ice cream consumption since I have been Taking Action. I also have Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mint patties in my fridge. I like one of those most days.

What are the vain reasons why you want to lose weight? Would you rather be thin or happy? Do you judge what people put in their shopping carts?

I want to lose weight for my Health, Longevity, and Quality of Life...and also to look AWESOME in ANYTHING I want to wear.

I would rather be happy!

No…I do not judge who puts what in their shopping cart. I don’t really even pay attention...We all live different lives.

Track what you eat and drink

I try to...I LOVE seeing in Color all over my calendar all of the Progress that is being made. It is such a MOTIVATOR!

Who do you think is the best Bombshell (famous, fictitious or real)? I need a new Bombshell userpic but I can't decide on who it should be!

Jane Mansfield sure knew how to work her curves!!! Whoooot~whoooo!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2157 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Love your answers and getting to know you better.
    As for the dancing incident... alcohol may have been involved. At least it would be for me.
    2160 days ago
    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. Somehow that whole story about the pole dancing isn't that hard for me to believe! LOL Totally relate to not being able to have ice cream in the house..if I do it's gone in a sitting, it's my kryponite too, unless I get the weight watchers individual sundaes, those are are awesome but I can eat just one and be satisfied.
    2160 days ago
    He he he...here I came looking for some new goods on yin...something I didn't already know, and I get nothin. Hmmm...I think that means we need to go create some new memories. Whaddya think?

    I *did* have to chuckle about your response on the judging what other people put in their carts. No surprise there (go read mine). ;)
    2160 days ago
    Very interesting. Thank you for having our interests on your mind and heart. It is much appreciated. Continue being a role model. You are very good at it? emoticon
    2160 days ago
  • LUCYLU22
    Thanks so much for sharing some interesting truths about yourself!!
    2160 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    2160 days ago
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