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Four Goals - Days 2-4

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Haven't been on much in the past 3 days. I'm on vacation and am trying to "declutter" my house and life. I made some progress today. Not as much as I wanted, but a good start just the same. I'm doing the cleaning that needs to be done before the deep spring cleaning can occur.

Checking in on my four short-term goals:

1. Get my diabetes in check. See my doctor for a check-up and lab work to get a more current A1C and to take ALL of my insulin shots every day and test my blood sugars 2 times each day.
Lab work in the morning. Dr. appt on Friday. Have been taking my shots and have tested twice daily. Mostly in the great blood sugar range to slightly high.

2. Follow my meal plans 6 out of the 7 days. If I mess up one day, it is ok, but I can't mess up 2+ days as I have in the past.
I'm on track with my meal plans. I sat down Sunday morning and drew up this week's plan and grocery list. Stuck to the list -- no extra buying. I am a little off because of my sleep time (see below). I'm not eating more because of it, I'm eating less.

3. SLEEP -- ok, anyone who knows me knows how hard this one is for me, especially since I'm going to be on vacation next week. The goal is to be in bed by midnight which on a typical week day will give me 6 1/2 hours of sleep each night instead of the 4-5 I'm getting now.
It probably won't surprise anyone to say that I'm not in bed by midnight this week while I'm on vacation, but the main point was to get at least 6 1/2 hours of sleep. I have been sleeping in and am missing breakfast time because I'm still in bed. Plus Sunday was a total bum day after grocery shopping. Took a 3 hour nap and still got in over 7 hours sleep. I think I'm recharging my batteries. It is after midnight right now, but I'm heading to bed as soon as I update this.

4. To increase my water intake. I have a 20oz water bottle and I need to drink one of those at work each day instead of drinking diet soda
I'm actually getting a bit more in while I'm at home. I'm probably going to regret the 40 ounces I'm drinking right now before bed.

All in all, not bad for being on vacation. Being home is allowing me to actually spend a bit more time home cooking -- eating more fresh foods.
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