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Every little step is a step forward.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Giving up diet soda...reading up on how unhealthy it is for the body and could actually cause weight gain was a little step in the right direction.

Drinking more water because it helped to cleanse the body and hydrate wonderfully was a little step towards feeling accomplished.

Getting a mini elliptical because I could do it in the privacy of my home whenever I wanted was a little step toward improving my heart health.

Ordering weights so I could add them to my elliptical workouts was a little step in building muscle tone which began to reshape my body.

Shaking off my fear to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill and then do heavier weight circuits was a little step in improving my confidence.

Deciding to swallow my fear(yes fear)of Jillian Michaels I ordered several of her DVDs and began to do 30 day rotations of them was a little step toward overcoming the fear of fast pace workouts.

Taking a deep breath to sprint for 15 seconds at 9 miles an hour was a little step toward increasing my speed and sense of pride for lasting even that long.

And pulling on those same size 0 jeans that barely fit me last year to have them fit comfortably and then have more pairs fit the same in the same size was a little step toward KNOWING that it can be done.

(It doesn't have to be size 0, that was my own personal goal. Whatever you are reaching for, you CAN do it!!)
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