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Getting serious & a 60 day count down.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm standing in front of the fridge looking at my chart for 30 Days of Planned Eating for Vibrams... and in 20 days, I only have earned only 8 X's. That just won't do.

Then I turn to the wall calendar & count the days until I go back home for my cousin's wedding... only 60 days! Yikes. I'm no where near in the condition I was 4 months ago before I started working, gaining weight & losing muscle. And if I continue on the recent trend, I'll have put on another 5-10 lbs before I go. Aaaagggghhhh.

Deep breathe.

I still have sixty days.

Sixty days is workable.

A lot can change in sixty days. A lot.

But... only if I get real & get serious.

Really serious. Kick ass kind of serious.


I do spin class on Mon & Weds. Today, I signed up for METCO Training on Tues & Thurs. I wanted something challenging & the course blurb reads:

"Train smarter with Metabolic Conditioning! Take your intensity to a whole new level. This power packed hour gives you the opportunity to elevate your intensity and finish with a solid core workout! The ultimate in training techniques!"

Hmmm... just typing that out has my heart racing! Am I nuts? Of course that's the same question I ask myself every time I take on a new challenge. I'm such a scaredy-cat when it comes to pushing myself. Good thing I've become so good at pushing through fear. lol

I'm going to do additional workouts in the mornings - M & W I'll do a 40 min bike with DeeOhGee; T & Th will be morning run days.

Friday is a rest day.

Sat & Sun are walking days.


Decided there is no way around it. If I want to get serious about losing weight, I simply must measure and track my food every single freakin day. I just got to suck it up and do it.

I find tracking extremely tedious, but extremely effective. So I asked myself is there anything I can do to make the process easier? And cleaning up my favourites list immediately came to mind. I've been using the tracker for 2 years & have never removed a favourite! lol

It ended up taking me a full hour to go through & edit the list (can only remove 1 item at a time). Boy was it eye opening! CheeCha Puffs, McDonalds burgers & Caramilk bars have no business being on the favourite list!! If I'm going to have them, the least I can do is manually enter the calories.

Another way to reduce my tracking time is to eat the same meals several days in a row. Then I can use the "copy meal to" function. Batch cooking will also save me time in the kitchen.

All this getting serious is going to take a serious amount of time. With a full time job, I'm not sure how I'm going to fit in everything I need to do in a day. But I know this - for the next 60 days, my workout & nutrition have to take priority.

I'm glad hubby is supportive. He has loved me the same, regardless of size, for 15 years. But now that he's seen how happy I was when I was a the top of my game with healthy eating & fitness, he wants me to go back to that place. He sees how unhappy I am about gaining the weight back and if, for the first time ever, giving me a hard time when I make bad food choices. I explained to him that I might be neglecting him a bit for the next 60 days & he's going to have to cook for himself at least a few times per week & I'm taking $75 out of the budget for exercising classes & another $100 for more workout clothes... and he just smiles and nods & says "You do whatever it is that you need to do. I'm behind you."

Alright, enough planning & thinking & typing. Time to DO! Taking DeeOhGee out for a long bike ride.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great plan! You're lucky to have such a supportive husband! He's a keeper for sure. You CAN do his!
    2156 days ago
    You have a great plan in place!!!! You are going to rock the next 60 days!!!!
    2158 days ago
  • AMBER281
    You can do it!!!
    The new class sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear about it
    2158 days ago
    Your husband is emoticon ,
    not only is he supportive, but he is supportive because of right reasons.

    Tracking is a very good idea!
    Now that you cleaned out your Favorites list, it will be easy!
    emoticon to having healthier Favorites.

    Eating the same foods spares a lot of time:
    I made about 15-20 Food Groupings, and and mostly ate those foods,
    so I could add complex foods with one click,
    like Oatmeal+oat bran+ flaxseed+milk+oranges,
    or Tortillas+chicken breast+sour cream+grated cheese+ pico de gallo salad.
    Additional benefit is that you will want to eat those foods that you already have as Favorites or Groupings to make tracking easier - and those are all healthy foods!
    2158 days ago
    A LOT can DEFINITELY change in 60 days!!! And with your well-thought-out plan, I know you'll be where you want to be before you go to your hometown! emoticon
    2158 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I love your DH - he's a keeper!

    The plan is a starting place. Remember to be flexible & not beat yourself up when you can't stick to it. Listen to your body, too, because recovery is REALLY important.

    One thing I've noticed: seems DH tends to bring home some not-so-good foods. I don't know if it's at your request or not, but you can't eat what isn't there. A little food for thought.
    2158 days ago
    I so hear you on the tracking! You're right - eating the same thing several days in a row (or several times a week) makes it slightly less tedious. As does using the GROUP feature, which I do for my regular snacks, rather than having to separately enter "6 almonds, 0.15 ounces walnuts, 10 grams dried fruit, 2 brazil nuts" - ugh!

    You can do this, and yes, 60 days is plenty of time to make real changes.

    I, on the other hand, have my parents' 50th wedding anniversary in - oh, I just realized, 58 days! I thought it was sooner. So I can make some real changes, too.

    Let's do this!
    2159 days ago
    She's baaack!!!! I know you can do this and it seems the fire has been ignited!!!
    2159 days ago
    You can definitely do this! Great that your husband is so supportive, too!
    2159 days ago
    Aren't hubbies emoticon when they are so supportive?
    You have given yourself some serious goals here Sweetheart...I will be cheering you on and giving your wee bum a slap when you write a Blog that says you fell off the wagon...it will be a LOVE slap...but a SLAP it will be~~ emoticon emoticon

    I am away to SC in about 2 weeks...to see my oldest son. We are taking our time and sightseeing on the way...so probably will not be at his place for about 4 weeks from now...
    SO...I have some work to do before then as well!! DS has not seen me since the Fall of 2009...before I started on my journey so even the weight I am now will be a bonus for him to see...BUT this 20 lbs had got to go!! Not just for him to see...MORE for me! I am feeling it big time...my clothes are seeing it! emoticon and I do not have the energy I had last summer before this gain!

    SO I WILL be expecting a love slap from you if I start to fall off this wagon...

    Love and emoticon emoticon
    2159 days ago
    Awesome!!! And you know how easy it is for me to type you are worth it, yet to buy anything for me, or do much for me ? I have honestly one pr of sneakers, one pr of sandals and one pr of dress shoes. Thats all. I have wide feet and a very hard time finding shoes. at this time costco has awesome german shoes but right now I feel we don't have the $ for me to take 69 and 15 % tax to buy a pair. I also keep thinking go and get a few consultations at the higher priced hair salons and get some ideas. I want it long but know it ages me, and also I am so hot with it on my neck the bit it is! LOL

    So glad you have gotten a plan and I know you can do it, somehow you will get it worked and boy you will shock them all and feel great doing it.

    2159 days ago
    I think cleaning up your favorites was a great step. I try not keep unhealthy foods on there either; that way the tracking of them is even more tedious and helps me avoid eating them. It's a little thing, but it does help!
    2159 days ago
    Yay! Your hubby is supportive, and so is D-O-G!!! You can do this! Rah Rah! emoticon
    2159 days ago
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