W1D5 of TYST Challenge: Protein vs. carbs

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yesterday by lunch time I was STARVING. My stomach started growling during Sunday School, and by the time we left the parking lot, I wanted to chew on the steering wheel. But, I was going to be strong, and go home for lunch and get something healthy.

Insert daughter, saying she NEEDS to go potty, on the way home.

We stopped at McDonald's. The rest is history. I DID resist the Coke, at least. Just had a McDouble and half an order of small fries.

Carb-filled breakfast with not enough protein = HUNGER + craving more carbs.

At home, I had the rest of the frozen yogurt left in the house (about a cup) and 8 oz. of Pepsi. So much for no soda. My rationalization: I have the Pepsi in the fridge, so I might as well use it. *Eye roll*

Around 4pm, I had a cheese stick.

Dinner was a healthy version of Chicken Pasta Primavera, but I had two helpings. THEN, I lost my mind and had the rest of the low fat vanilla ice cream left in the freezer. Originally I had planned to just leave that for my husband, because I didn't have a good reaction to it last time I ate it. But I didn't care, I wanted it. Checked with hubby first, he said go for it, so I polished it off. At least it was only a little over a cup.

I felt like a giant water balloon after that. Ugh.

This morning, I decided I wanted to try doing more protein for breakfast so that I wouldn't get so ravenous by lunch. So I had two eggs on a piece of toast with cream cheese, and a cup of milk. I still felt a "little" hungry after that, but after awhile, I was fine.

After coming back home from taking my daughter to school, I went for a 3.1 mile run, then had about a cup of Gatorade (only 50 cals, by the way) and lots of water. I didn't get hungry until I was picking my daughter up from school, and even then it was just a little hunger. Still, I felt "entitled" to a nice lunch since the run in the heat had worn me out.

At least I chose Subway, though didn't make the best of choices. Had a 6" meatball on Oats & Honey bread, 1/2 of a 1.25 oz bag of salt & vinegar chips, and... Coke. Small, but I refilled. And I also had a chocolate chip cookie. Then when we left, I stopped by Burger King and got a soft serve cup. I was stuffed.

Tonight for dinner I plan to only have soup. Progresso High Fiber Minnestrone. Last time I had it, it was very filling.

Tomorrow, I think I am going to try something different. I was reading again today about how doing low-carb for two days per week can do wonders. I can handle doing 50 grams of carbs for two days a week. Any more than that, probably not, but two days, yes. I tried it before and it really helped me because it made my sweet cravings go away and I felt SO SATISFIED those two days, not hungry until mealtimes and even then it wasn't that bad. But then I slacked off doing it. Not sure why. I want to try it again.
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