I should only eat 900-1200 calories a day?

Monday, May 21, 2012

I've been stuck gaining & losing the same five pounds for five months. I've changed up what I eat, eaten more, eaten less, worked out more, worked out less and the same 5 pounds is gained or lost.

I should only eat 900-1200 calories a day. That's what the doctor told me today.

It seems like that it such a little amount. Especially since I burn 2500-4000 calories a week in exercise alone. emoticon

I guess I thought 1200 was the bare minimum.

I suppose I'll give it a try after this weekend (we're branding this weekend)...
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  • PLYNSN316
    What happened? Did you try it? Did you decide to go in a different direction? Being stuck in a plateau is really frustrating! Especially because you're working SO HARD!!! Keep the faith! Sending positive thoughts your way!
    2205 days ago
    I would never go under 1200 for more than maybe a day here and there. Switch up your routine. Don't eat the same number of calories every day and don't do the same exercise routine every day. Your body gets used to routine and sets itself accordingly. It sounds like you've reached a set point weight and it will take something different in your routine to shake it up.
    People who eat lower calories in turn lower the metabolism and then when they try to eat higher calories they gain weight. I saw a couple of comments about people eating very low calorie diets and not being able to eat more without a gain. The fix for that is to move more and eat more. Once the body becomes used to getting the food it needs to survive it will let loose of some of the fat.
    Eating too little is as bad as eating too much. There is a fine line and everybody is different as to what the line is.
    Unfortunately most of our Drs are not very well educated in the nutrition field.
    Good luck to you and I hope you find your fix.
    2215 days ago
  • RIQUI1
    I seem to have hit a sort of plateau with the same 2-3 pounds fluctuating. Some of this is on my lack of commitment. Some of it is just making me crazy! lol I can tell you that the clinic that I go to that does my body composition profile is a weight loss clinic and that they sometimes put people on calorie restrictions that are that low. I thought it was crazy too, but it seems that it works for some people for a short period of time.

    I recently read an article about carbs keeping our insulin levels high, stopping fat loss. I have decided that for two consecutive days per week, I am dropping my calories to 1200 per day, with only 55 grams of carbs. The day after this I have a "high" calorie day of 1700 and then I go back to my 1500 cals per day. Maybe try rearranging your micronutrients, as well? This is my first week of this, so I can't tell you how it is going yet. I "gained" 3.5lbs the other day, even though I thought I was doing decently, and I can't seem to drop it! lol

    Good luck to you! I am sure you'll find something that works for you and your body!
    2217 days ago
    Holy cow- thats sooo little... good luck with that! ohh and congrats on 1st place twice :)
    2217 days ago
  • ADAM2298
    If weight lost and exercise were a perfect science, there would be no overweight people. Since it is not perfect, you have to find what is right for you. But in trying to find what is right for you, try keeping a journal to document what is successful or not.

    If I follow the food tracker's advice of EATING Calories: 2,850 - 3,200, I'm gaining weight. Here are the number of calories I have had so far this past week :

    I'm not gaining weight, not losing but I have tried the recommended calorie intake and it is just too much food for me.
    I walk 3 miles every morning and do 20 miles on a stationary bike.

    Factors that contribute to this stalemate in my opinion are:
    My age , I'm 65, my metabolism is slowing down.
    The intensity of my workout is not there because of a hip and back problem.
    I was doing 20 miles on the bike in 60 minutes but with injury, I now do the same distance but in 90 minutes.
    I sit a a desk all day long and I feel the lack of movement help to slow down my metabolism as well.

    I say experiment to find what works for you. There is no one plan that fits all.
    But keep the journal so you can identify what works and what you need to do next.
    I wish you well.

    2217 days ago
    SUCH terrible advice! From a DOCTOR? Geez. 900 is too low and it's not something you can maintain forever. Remember, if you can't do it for the rest of your life it's not a solution.
    2217 days ago
    That doesn't sound right. You need to eat MORE if you're burning that much. Second opinion time.

    2218 days ago
    Don't do it! 900 calories is so dangerous for your body. Your doctor should know better. You're right, never below 1200. You want your body to go into starvation? There's no way you can get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs on that. Much less energy. I think you need a second opinion!
    2218 days ago
    I'm in the same boat... I exercise for about 7 hours a week and I have gone up and down the same 5 pounds since 2010!
    My doctor suggested the same thing for me. I tried it in January for about 5 weeks and lost 2 pounds, which I have since gained back when I quit eating so few calories. (It made me so tired!)
    I felt really discouraged until my doctor told me about another patient who gained weight every time she ate more than 800 calories a day! I guess things could be worse...
    2218 days ago
    I seem to be in the same rut. Gained 4 pounds back and holding on to it for some reason. These plateaus are a bummer.
    2218 days ago
    I am surprised your doctor told you to go so low with the calories. Your body might rebound and think you are starving. Is he a weight doctor?
    2218 days ago
    I'm in a similar boat and just reduced my target calories to keep under 1000 on most days. If I can ever get my metabolism to rev I'll add a few back and see what happens. I, too, have been losing and gaining the same 5 pounds for months. Gotta get serious as I know this weight is not healthy to carry around with me. Good luck!
    2218 days ago
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