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Still haven't given up the pepsi and other random thoughts

Monday, May 21, 2012

Well, I've cut down significantly on my pepsi intake but it's not enough. It puts me over calories almost every day. I cannot stand the taste of diet so the best I can do is quit it cold turkey. I keep telling myself once this is gone I will not buy anymore but I just can't seem to stop drinking it. It is my biggest and worst weakness in my battle with these lbs.

On another note, my mother is staying with me because she's lost her job. It's been a couple months and I'm ready to pull my hair out. I'm pretty much living in my bedroom because she makes me so crazy sometimes. yesterday the washer was broken and I had to fix that when her clothes were in there. Today she wakes me up telling me the sink is clogged and when I bring a plunger in there she freaks out and tells me I can't use that in the sink. Unfortunately, it's the only option I had at that point. Also, it seems like the only thing she does is complain about how I'm not doing anything right. "You should not wash your dark clothes on hot, they will shrink.", "I cannot believe you are letting your daughter drink hi-c juice boxes.", "This house is a mess, you should clean it up." I just want to scream EXCUSE ME YOU ARE HERE RENT FREE, BILL FREE YOU CAN HELP ME BY CLEANING UP ON OCASSION TOO! Don't get me wrong, she does the dishes and literally that is it! I understand she took care of me all my life but c'mon, you have no job and nothing to do so you can pick up too!

Enough of my ranting for today. I'm just irritated. I love my momma but I'm frustrated!
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    While giving up pops of all kind is the best way to go I know I can't give it up for good so I've found 2 alternatives (and I hate diet as well) they are Coke Zero and Pepsi Next. Obviously the Coke Zero has no calories but it doesn't have the "aftertaste" like a lot of diets do. And Pepsi Next has 40% of the calories so a can has I think 40 calories it's a mix of real and artificial sweeteners I love it I can still have a pop that tastes like a real pop and not get all the calories. Good Luck
    2160 days ago
    Hi Nicki984: I was a real fanatic with soda (in my case Diet Pespi or Diet Coke). I could easily go through two 2 liter bottles a day. I started to read things about how drinks with a sweet taste make you want more sweet things, and decided I needed to cut this out of my diet. I started cutting down by drinking one glass of seltzer to every glass of soda. After about two weeks I started drinking two glasses of seltzer to every cola. Two weeks later, three..... In about two months I was drinking only seltzer and no cola. The other day I went out for lunch and they had no seltzer, so I got a diet coke. I didn't really like it!

    As to your frustration with your momma - just remember that some day you will be the oject of your daughter's frustration! But seriously, your mom might be a little depressed about losing her job and having to move in with her daughter. Sometimes the only way people know how to show their depression is with criticism of other people. So maybe you can start a conversation with how much you appreciate what she has done for you, but that you are trying to manage everything and it would be great if she could help out with.....

    If she says no - you can scream, but don't pull your hair out!
    2160 days ago
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