It's true... I'm PREGNANT!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hi friends! Many of you guessed this but I have the most wonderful news to share. I.AM.PREGNANT!!! I honestly have never been more excited about anything in my life. Ever. I am 10 weeks along and am feeling pretty good! Baby is due December 16th.

About 5 weeks ago, I was working out and I was sweating profusely and had only been at it for 10 minutes. I just felt off. My brother asked me if I was okay and I commented on not feeling well and stopped working out. After he went to bed (he works at 4AM) I had 30 minutes until Ken would be home from Bible Study. I still felt horrible and decided to take a pregnancy test. I told myself that if it was negative I needed to go to the doctor because something was NOT right. I took the test, went to let the dog out and came back to the most amazing word: PREGNANT.

I was so shocked! Ken and I weren't officially 'trying' to get pregnant. I was off the pill but most of the time we were using alternative means of protection. Well... most of the time doesn't work for us and the three times were enough to create a new little being!


I was shocked but not unhappy! I had 15 minutes until Ken would be home and I wanted to make telling him special. I ran upstairs and made a poster with a picture of Elliana on it that said, "Daddy, guess what?? I'm gonna be a BIG SISTER!" When Ken got home he was upset about something and I wanted him to be able to talk about that before I sprung the big news on him. Finally (it seemed like FOREVER), we turned on the TV and I sneakily took the poster out and laid it on his lap. He looked down, confused for a second, and then looked at me. I smiled and he asked if it was true. I nodded and he embraced me for a long time.

We told our brothers and our best friends first (we had to tell SOMEONE!) and made plans to meet my parents in Des Moines. We told Ken's mom a few days before we met with my parents. We gave her a Grandma Mother's Day card (she thought it was from Neeko) and at the bottom of the card we wrote about her grandbaby (the size of a blueberry and due on December 16th.) We also bought two big mints and a box of Junior Mints. It was cute :) We bought my parents the same card and we also included a picture of Elliana with something similar to what was on Ken's poster. Neither of our parents had any idea and everyone is beyond excited!

I have had pretty intense nausea for a little bit every day but overall I really can't complain. The hardest thing for me has been the weight gain. I knew this would be hard mentally. I have gained about 7 pounds. I have been eating well and to my doctor's recommendations but I didn't expect to gain this much weight in the first trimester. I keep telling myself that I HAVE to do what is best for the baby and if my body feels the need to put on weight for the baby, so be it. I am sure once I start showing, I will feel better about the weight gain. It is just hard to work SO hard to lose the weight and realize that after the baby is born, I will have to do it again. I'm not saying it's not worth it, IT IS! I am just struggling a bit mentally. I am so grateful for this amazing little blessing :-) I finally have energy so I went on a 5 mile walk yesterday. It was fantastic. I am sure that exercising again (I listened to my body and did short walks while my energy level was basically at zero) will help stabilize my weight gain.

We had our first appointment last Thursday with our previous midwife. She is so sweet and supportive. Everything looks great and she did a quick ultrasound so we could take a peek at our little blessing! This will be our only appointment with her because we are high risk and will see the perinatologist from now on. Our next appointment is June 11th.

I am so thankful to God for entrusting us with another blessing and I pray that we will glorify Him through all of this.

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