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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ok, so it's been ten weeks almost...and I have lost weight, I seem to be stuck at my current weight for the last couple of weeks but Im going to break through I have to!
I will admit I am a little disappointed that I was really lazy this challenge and would have really liked to have a larger loss by the end. A loss is better than no loss right?
I think the last months have been so busy and chaotic so I really need to try to put me first and start doing the things I have to make a change and stop complaining about them.
This challenge was good for me it really helped be get back into my fitness routine and I'm so glad to have met all of my fantastic Lime teammates. One thing I'm proud of is that I'm doing at least a 5k race a week and that my time is getting better and better emoticon
I'm really doing a bit better with my self confidence and that was a big thing for me. The challenge helped me get back into the routine of getting back to spark a lot more and seeing it does help. Now for the next challenge it's really time to start adding more strength training.
Overall I think this was a good start to my goals and deadline....I'm really seeing that my goal is in my grasp and I thank you all again for all your support.
One thing I've learned in the last 10 weeks was that my life needed a big change, I cut down on meat and stop eating beef completely and I'm really proud of that. I eat a lot less fast food, that i'm really proud of! I have started doing things I wouldn't have considered before....getting engaged was one of them, thinking of putting out my own album is another. Also the really big thing is that I've started living my life for me, to make me happy since no one else can. I'm now doing all the things I've always wanted to do and the girl that was hidden inside is finally coming out. I learned just how awesome I am and that it's time I believed it and really supported myself. I wouldn't say it's a new me just one that has been put in the shadows for too long and it's time I brought her back!

PS i would like to add this, I returned some jeans because they were too big 36" waist and got the replacements and they are still too big...a 33" waist still too big!!! emoticon My sweetie just looked at me and said why do you keep thinking you're a bigger size than you are??? He is such a keeper isn't he?? Yeah, that was the highlight of the 10 weeks...LOL!
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