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BLC19~D26W4: Teal Troopers Weekend Challenge

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The BLC19 Teal Trooper's Team challenge for the weekend is a soul searching challenge. Basically, all team members are to share what they have discovered about themselves and their approach to losing their weight thus far. So here goes mine.

My weight loss program flip-flops from day to day. If I have a decent amount of sleep and a day where I am home most of the day, I usually get in some sort of exercise. It's the days where I am running around to appointments and errands where I find it especially difficult to fit in the exercise (and eating less healthy seems to follow on these types of days as well.)

My approach to my food intake seems to be led by my emotions. Being overwhelmed/stressed/anxious seems to lead me to less healthy choices. When I feel energetic/in control/focused/positive I tend to be able to make more healthy, concious choices about the food I eat.

My mental outlook also flip-flops depending on my mood. Obviously some days are harder than others and it is on those days that are hardest that I need to focus even more on my goals. I do get discouraged and know that weight loss requires patience, time, and work on my part. Some days its just easier to give into going back to old habits and I hate myself when that happens.

The barriers to achieving the goals I set for myself are my energy level and time. Running a household and the schedules of two children come before me most of the time. I think I need to somehow come up with a slice of time for me not matter what. Its easier said than done though. I'm good at knowing what needs to be done, it's the finding the energy, motivation and time period to achieve my goals that jinxes my plans.

What am I currently doing that I could be doing differently? Schedule an earlier bedtime with no computer use after a certain time of night. Schedule exercise time and follow that strictly (except in cases of not feeling well or injury). Eating healthy needs to be a priority and my husband and his 'junk' does not help. I need to find more healthy meal and snack ideas so I can not only begin tranforming my eating habits, but my family's as well. This will take time, but maybe finding a few recipes a week and making them will help build new go-to meal and snack ideas. Set aside time to find new recipes.

Mistakes I have been making are easy to pinpoint. Not enough exercise, energy, time and not being careful in my eating habits. Letting myself slip and then not returning to my original mindset of 'I will do this'.

Involving other people in order to help me with my program mainly involves online support because there isn't anyone in real life that I can do this with. I could reiterate to my family that I am trying to eat healthier and to give me the time I need to exercise. I;ve done it in the past, so I should be able to do this again (at least for the 1st 10 lbs I need to shed!)
The BLC Teal Troopers team is my place to go for motivation and support and I would like to give that to the team in return. Sometimes it is hard to find the time to catch up on the team posts and therefor I tend to feel bad posting because I do not have the time to follow along fully, but I do try. Everyone has different circumstances and I need to connect with someone whose circumstances are closest to my own I guess.

What it comes down to for me is better planning and trying to find the energy/motivation from within to keep a momentum going. Change is not going to happen unless I make the changes I need to. My priorities need to be straightened out and then I need to go from there. Only I can do this, no one else. It's time to buck up and stop being so easy on myself. I have not been doing my best and I need to for my health and to achieve my goals.
This is something I have been wanting for a long time now and I need to start the changes ASAP.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lisa, I think the number 1 thing we have to realize and accept ---truly accept-----is that we have to come first and that we deserve to come first. I know it seems impossible when you have 2 children to raise, but it can be done. You just have to accept it and do it-----realize you are worth being first. Then the rest of your plan can be put into place. The TROOPERS are there for you and will support you all the way. We have all been there, been through it and understand exactly what you have gone through.

    C'mon, Girl, let's get this thing done. Let's make these last 8 weeks count.
    2221 days ago
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