Hoopnotica Fit Training

Saturday, May 19, 2012

AKA...day one of the hoop training....

I was super frazzled this morning. I was nervous about the training. I was nervous about people coming. Basically my whole life was unraveling so I could get this training. It was nothing to be worried about but whoo! I had a snaffu with the payment of the building I rented. I powered through it. When I got there, three people was waiting. One of them was Kristen from Nashville. She was auditing the class. She is also going to be in tomorrow's session. Hoopers started to drift in. Some people were hooping a bit. A lot of talk and a lot of it was hooping related. It's awesome to be around people that love the hoop! When Keith and Jen came, we went through intros and an actual hoop fit class. If you want to try hooping but you want it fitness related, try a hoopnotica fit class. I am telling you, it's a workout. I was having to rev myself up into "neutral" and dropping the hoop like crazy. But Hoopnotica Fit class has the ninja move and stuff like that. After that, we went over the material. There was some Q and A. After that we had an assessment. I did good but I need improvement as a teacher. Who doesn't?

I know for sure that my heart rate monitor was up in the 168s throughout most of the hoopfit class portion. I estimate that I hooped a total of three hours today through the HoopFit portion, hooping on breaks, hoop practice, and hoop jam. According to sparkpeople, that's 1638 calories! Whoooo!

I hope that's true because I haven't ate super super healthy. Within calories but not awesomely hardcore and healthy. Can you say pizza for dinner (with brocolli)?

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