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Saturday, May 19, 2012

With each vacation/day off while on this lifestyle change I have noticed changes and a difference in what I find myself doing. These past several days (mini vacation) has been the most dramatic of all.

We would travel to our location, making numerous stops for snacks and drinks. Upon arriving at our hotel we would set up camp by unpacking our snacks and then I would check out the tv to see what channels they would have. (We don’t have cable so it was a treat to have the extra channels) We would then start talking about where we were going to eat and it seemed as though all our outings would be centered around what restaurants were close to it. My favorite thing was to just stay in the room as much as possible so I could watch TV and of course that would also mean snack. I really didn’t feel like doing anything. Mostly because my back and feet would hurt and I couldn’t walk far without making them worse. I was always miserable and unhappy. In short a grump. I had a hard time even enjoying where I ate at because I didn’t fit in a vast majority of booths. But I was willing to endure if the food was good and the servings plentiful. As for memories…well we never took many pictures of our vacations or at least I would make sure I was taking the pictures because I hated to have my picture taken.

Upon returning home I would drag our bags into the house and wait till later that day or the next day to unpack. My energy level would be at or below 0. And to top it off I would need a vacation/ or several days off to recover from my vacation. About the only thing you could get me to do upon arriving home is talk about where I could take my wife out to eat so she wouldn’t have to work so hard to fix the meal. Then that evening we would watch one of our movies and eat (usually something that would include us eating over a pound of cheese and most if not all of a bag of chips).

What a difference being fit makes in one’s life. This vacation was really different. We live about a mile from the last metro bus stop so we loaded up our laptops and a duffle bag for our clothes and we started our vacation off by walking to the bus. From there we either walked or rode the public transportation (including light rail). There is a lot to see and do in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix AZ and surrounding area) so we stayed in central Phoenix at a hotel and from there we ventured as far as Tempe (AZ). Our first day included more than 7 miles in just walking. How strange it was to spend more time out and about than in the hotel room watching TV. We would leave by 9am each morning and not return by to the hotel till 8pm or after. I was even blessed to find a fitness club in the ground floor of one of the high-rises.

Another difference was the way we selected where to eat. We would select where we wanted to go and then my wife searched online for restaurants we could eat at without over doing it. (And before selecting it we found ourselves checking out their menu and if possible the nutritional info for each of them. Then we would select several that would work and choose from them.) Ok they say confession is good for the soul. We’ll here is one for you.

How is it possible to be so active and return feeling so rested? In fact I am very rested and looking forward to all that is ahead. I would have never dreamed in a million years the difference this lifestyle change would make. So tonight after dinner I’ll still sit down and watch a movie with Debbie but between the meal and the movie I’m going to go for a long walk. No better way to finish a great vacation and a great day. My only regret is I didn’t take any pictures of our trip. But how could I as active as we were and as caught up in the moment as I found myself. And who wouldn’t be caught up in the moment when you are with the love of your life and your very best friend.

Thanks Debbie for a great Urban-Walkabout!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    TV is overrated but health isn't. Your vacation sounded Fab.
    2129 days ago
    That is fabulous!!! I WILL be in your shoes some day!!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    2184 days ago
    I think it's so wonderful you both were able to have such a great vacation!
    2184 days ago
    That is so awesome! I am so happy for you! I hope that everyone can reach this point in there life - to totally enjoy what God is giving them (and the people in their lives). Thanks for sharing!
    2191 days ago
    Great summary of the transformation from the old slug-foodfests of yore to the active vacations we now celebrate also! Now THAT'S what I call LIVING! :-)

    2192 days ago
    This is wonderful! Most of my vacations are staycations, and I love those, but I love living that same life in other cities, too! Aside from visiting our respective families every year, my Hun and I try to take at least one trip elsewhere together, and always to a great walking city. We fly in and take public transportation anywhere we can't walk to. Last year it was San Francisco, and we had a lot of fun walking the coastline and hills! It's so beautiful there! This year, if we get to travel, we're aiming for New Orleans or the Pacific Northwest.
    2192 days ago
    I wish I could get my husband to join me in a new lifestyle. I'm sitting in a hotel in HAWAII doing pretty much what you did on your old vacations. I don't feel safe walking around alone, sooo im getting some good TV time in. I'm so impressed with your success.
    2193 days ago
  • XMAC33
    emoticon emoticon
    2193 days ago
    Hi Steve,
    Your mini vacation sounds wonderful and so much more fun than vacations past!
    I'm so happy for you and Debbie! You both worked hard to get where you are and you deserve every ounce of happiness!


    2193 days ago
    Sounds like you are having fun!!! Hubby and I were out in Phoenix a few years ago with friends (acutally hubby and friend were there for work Arizona Public Service so friend's wife and I explored Phoenix, got lost in Tempe and saw some wonderful sights. the Native American Museum in Phoenix was just lovely and that botanical garden east of Phoenix was a day well spent. I will say I did not care for driving that highway out there. Very nervewracking and I drive into Philadelphia here on a regular basis. We ended the "working vacation" (for the guys anyway) with a trip to Vegas by way of a few days in Sedonia. We were there in February so was able to avoid the heat of summer. You live in a very nice city and what a great idea to do an urban vacation. Being fit does make all the difference i getting around and having the evergy to do so!!! Glad you all had a great time.
    2193 days ago
    Fantastic! Superb! Awesome!!!!!! Wonderful. Congratulations to both of you for turning things around 180 degrees.
    2193 days ago
    You already live in one of my favorite vacation destinations - so enjoying it from a local hotel was a GREAT idea! Some people consider Chicago (where I live) a vacation destination, too. But anything you do IN the city is SO SO SO expensive (for example, parking AT A METER costs $5.95 per HOUR - IF you can find one.) I do like little getaways in the suburbs surrounding Chicago. Stay-cations are becoming popular - and congrats on really making the most of yours!
    2193 days ago
    Sounds like you had a fun vacation. And your life has changed considerably! Congrats to you both.
    2193 days ago
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