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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A bit about me:

My real name is Carissa, and I'm happy to be friends on face book if you like, just private message me. I use it every day... although I'm starting to use Spark every day too. hehe.

I grew up in a rural area of New Zealand and moved to one of the bigger urban cities: Christchurch, when I was 16. At age 19, I had my last upshot of growth and I was happy that I was tall.. but.. I had always had larger breasts than most girls.. And it wasn't about to stop there. I got into a 6 year relationship with a guy who loved to buy take out every night.
I went from probably 83 kgs, to 120. I was additionally, diagnosed with PCOS, (my periods were going totally crazy and I was worried), And I was told it would not be possible to lose weight.
The thing was, tho, I had been trying to lose weight all that time as well, I became an avid low fat eater, and possibly avoided eating.. But I had stuff all education at the time.. So I'm glad to be away from that now!

A couple years ago I attended a demonstration on how meat and dairy cause cancer. I was shocked. annoyed, and in denial.. I researched it myself and was convinced.. Didn't bother being vegetarian - I went vegan over night and refused to eat an animal again until I figured out how to cook. 2 weeks later I started becoming an amazing cool =] hehe.. Learning how spices and flavours work.. how to turn pumpkin into 15 different things etc.

I have been with Kelvin for the last four years.. Here is a picture taken last weekend:

He was a passionate meat lover, coming from southland. I had to work VERY hard to convince him vegan was the way to go. haha. It took him about 4 months to make the transition.. However, the number 1 killer in Southland NZ (where he is from) is colon cancer, caused solely, by red meat. - Seeing that on the news woke him up.

The problem is.. He works a very physical job.. and I have an insulin resistance.. So we used to eat the same diet (before being vegan) and negotiated, I put weight on.. and he lost weight.. both undesirable results. Infact, different metabolism, different apple/pear shape.. basically we are opposite I've learnt. I find that tricky to plan means for. However, we decided to come up with a "vege pattie" that he adds to his sandwich to get some more bulk / carb in there. (His blood pressure is much lower now and almost normal yay!)

The ironic thing is it's the bread and white starchy things that make my body go crazy.. I can't get my head around that... one scone.. is the same to my body as eating 17 sausages.
So this is what has triggered my interest in the whole foods diet.. (I've watched fork over knifes, the china study etc)... and I am also sometimes align a strict christian church that believes we should eat what Adam and Eve ate (God's diet plan for us). So I have some support on that front. =]

For support, I am currently involved in David's research project, he is doing a PHD on exercise motivation. I have learnt that he is very much about setting small goals and little changes (but needing a goal to move toward in the first place) So we discussed it and I talked about how jealous I was of people running up Mount Vernon (it took me 2.4 hours to walk it.. that's a crazy long time) So after we set the goal... it came out in conversation.. he runs up every TUESDAY! with a group hahaha - he recommended me getting a running buddy, (as kelvin is quite confident he doesn't want to run/ lose more weight).

I presently take no medication.. I simply hate the concept.. But I do need some help with my insulin stuff going on, so going to go see a specialist herbalist I think. She is 90$ an hour, so... It might be a wee while before I can, especially as I just bought Zumba last week.

In summary, my goals for 2012 are:
1) Increase fitness so I can run up Mt Vernon
2) Find a diet I can eat that will result in energy and weight loss and is organic as much as possible
3) Find ways to self motivate. This is crucial. I think mini goals might be best. And blogging them?
4) Get my PCOS medicine needs diagnosed and DO IT.
5) Find some great supportive friends :)
6) Get back into dancing!!!!! I MISS IT!!!
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    Good luck on your new life of living. I have had to start over and change my eating habits as well. I am now on a change of lifestyle. I am now eating to live, not living to eat. Best wishes.
    2199 days ago
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