Starting Gin Miller's "Novice" again with no arms

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I gave up doing a 126-day personal challenge to complete Gin Miller's Everybody Steps DVD when I went into the hospital the last time. I could kind of feel stuff breaking loose in there when I was flailing my arms around before the hospital, which made me paranoid that I would tear something loose again and hinder my "wound management" progress right now. HOWEVER, I'M FEELING SO MUCH BETTER NOW THAT I WANTED TO TRY SOME KIND OF ACTIVITY. So this morning I did the "Novice" segment with the legs only. I tried adding some arms, but I guess all my muscle memory went bye-bye and adding the arms goofed up the rhythm of my legs and got me back into an uncoordinated and slow "flailing mode." It feels good to do something physical again. Maybe I can add the arms back in while I still have this wound vac on in case something does break loose again. For one thing, the wound vac people literally see INSIDE the wound and can tell what's going on in there. Wish me luck!
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