grrrrrrrrrrrr why?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is it me or is it every husband...
My husband whom I love dearly has this way of driven me nuts. He was home all day yesterday for it is his normal day off. Now today he is like.. " call this person and ask them this" and " get this ready for me for tomorrow". I like wow really? ... i mean ugggggggggggggh he even has me call people when he is sitting there to ask them a question then gets mad if I ask it wrong.. i mean geeez if you want it asked a certain way, or want to know how or what they said word for word.. talk to them yourself.
I mean i dont mind doing something but that kind of stuff drives me nuts.
I know the stuff that he wants me to get around for tomorrow is for court for his kids, but really why am I the one maken all the phone calls for this and that for it. Most of the people wont talk to me for the kids arent mine...
ANd as for telling the repair guy what I think is wrong with something means nothing to them IM A CHICK AND THEY DONT THINK I KNOW ANYTHING.... heck i have called and said my husband thinks this is what it could be.. and I get the " are you sure hun.. maybe we should talk to your husband to make sure you heard him right.... "
I think its just guys in general.. for the kid is the same way.. i ask him to do something I get the "yeah ok" and then nothing gets done. if DAD says hey do this.. its " ok sure" and its getting done with in the next hour...
I dont know.. maybe Im over sensitive to things.. or maybe its just guys that think we can do everything, yet know nothing if they dont live with us or know us.. and as for kids.. well they are kids.. lol
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    Hi Samantha. Grrrrr is right! How annoying.

    I have a confession t make. Sometimes I ask my husband to make a call for ME while I am sitting there and I chime in if he isn't finding out what I want to know. Why do I do it? I'm not completely sure. Sometimes I just "can't" make the call. I am afraid I will yell at the person or something. So my sweet husband calls, but when he isn't firm enough, I push at him! (We used to take these personality type tests in our corporate life, and whenever it was about gender traits, I always came out on the male side! And he came out on the female side! I married a gentle guy!

    But the bottom line is, it sounds like you realize their traits and accept the guys for who they are. I'm sure that on some level, they appreciate that!!!

    Take Care!
    2707 days ago
    I haven't read any of your other blogs, but from this, it seems you are a step-mother, and I have the same experience with my step-children. When I ask for something to get done, everyone sits around...until I go to Dad, who says something to them, and they hop up and get it done.

    As for hubby...unfortunately that is a man-trait.
    2708 days ago
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