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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OK, slight change in plan.
I had been feeling better. As of this morning... feeling worse. I think I’m going to have to give in, and actually take the antibiotics that were prescribed for me. The problem with that being, since due to over-prescribing of antibiotics, I’ve become allergic to penicillin (or at least, there were hives the last couple of times I tried taking it), I now have to take either Zithromax, which is wonderful for things like strep throat but tends not to be effective on my sinus infections, or these seriously f-ed up fluoroquinolone antibiotics, which may be effective, but have an unpleasant possibility of causing tendon tear or rupture, nerve damage, and a host of other really nasty side effects. Since my tendons and nerves (the physical ones, as well as the nervous ones) are pretty messed up as it is, what with me having a permanently numb finger, periodic tingling in all fingers and most toes, and pretty much constant low-grade pain due to damage in my back... yeah, not loving this prescription. And, in reading the flyer that came with the meds, I discovered that two of the other drugs that the same (walk-in clinic) doctor prescribed (prednisone and Flonase) are SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED IN THE LITERATURE as EXACERBATING the possibility for tendon and nerve damage!!! What an a$$! So, yeah, I’ll be holding off on those until AFTER I’ve completed the super-scary antibiotics, methinks. Plus, per my Dad, the super-scary antibiotics are pretty much guaranteed to set off my acid reflux, which I’ve only just gotten back under control!
So I think I’m going to live Zumba-free for the next 10 days. I think the most taxing exercise I’ll be doing is a couple of bouts of Walk It Out.
I did not get any jewelry work done last night, but I did attend the monthly meeting of the local Bead Society, which was fun. And I bought some beads, which is even more fun. I bought three small strands of decoupaged wooden beads (one set has one pair each of three different kinds of leaves, one has several pairs of different pictures of peacock feathers, and one has a variety of geometric patterns in blue), and two pendants made out of sawdust, glitter, wire and resin that are GORGEOUS. Ah ha – they’re online. This one: http://www.priscillabeads.com/
Beads&navt1=76180&pd=4267913 And this one: http://www.priscillabeads.com/
Beads&navt1=76180&pd=4267911 (mine is prettier than the one in the picture). And here are a couple of the different peacock ones: http://www.priscillabeads.com/
Beads&navt1=76159&pd=4192044, http://www.priscillabeads.com/
Beads&Tsearch=peacock&pd=4192064. So! Neat stuff. And all, of course, nickel-free, so that fits in well with my business plan, eh? ;-)
There really needs to be more hours in the day. Because I would really, really like to get in a quick workout tonight, AND make some jewelry, AND do some cleaning in my dining room which is a complete and utter horrific disaster. But I know I’m going to have to pick just one of those options.
I also need to pick up a tripod at some point in the near future. The tabletop one just isn’t working for me; I had the best luck, recently, putting the light box right at the front of the table I was shooting on, and putting an Ikea box with a chair in it I haven’t built yet, and putting the tabletop tripod on THAT to get the shot. It was a hassle, and it still wasn’t perfect. So, tripod. I can get one for $20, so that’s OK, but I’m trying (trying trying) not to spend any more money if at all possible. I know that, in this case, I’m spending $ to make $, but... well, yeah. Anyway, I’d need to clear off the dining room table to take pictures, so I might as well start on that.
See, that’s what I love about blogging; if I just blather on about all the stuff bouncing around my skull, sometimes I come up with the answers to my own questions. Don’t go out and buy the tripod until you’ve cleaned the dining room, because you can’t take pictures till then anyway. :-) Then I plan on shooting a bunch of the rings I’ve already got made up, and hopefully I can get some earring jackets finished soon, too. Then the etsy page will start to look more interesting. Right now, the resin flower studs just aren’t making it. A few people have looked at them, and one even favorited the red roses, but no one’s buying. And I can’t really blame them; other people are selling them for a comparable price, and there’s nothing else on my page to draw them in. So! More photos. But first, clean dining room.

...Just so you know, I’m currently mentally furnishing and decorating a house that doesn’t exist yet. I’m also mentally selling jewelry I haven’t made yet. Heck, I’m mentally selling jewelry I don’t even officially know HOW to make yet, nor do I have the materials to make it (e.g. fine silver fused wire rings, with semi-precious cabochons).
OK, I’m going to post this before I forget about it at the end of the day. Hope everyone else is well (or at least, more well than me). ;-)
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