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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I am one of those people who makes lists. You know.. Pros and Cons lists. I calculate it all out.. tally the pros, the cons, crunch the numbers and then I make a decision. Yes I am difficult to live

So tomorrow I have the big job interview. IF IF IF I am offered the job.. it would be returning to full time 40 hours, M-F, no nights, weekends or holidays. Can you see a plus in that I'd have my family time back? WOO HOO. When it comes to $$ it actually works out to being the same rate of pay I get now due to the 2nd shift differential I get for working 2 shift. So while it's is technically a raise from my base salary.. it's a wash in the actual hourly rate when compared to my current job (or the job I am being offered.. will explain in a bit).

Benefits.. woot woot.. full time benefits with my employer are only $278 a month for a family plan including dental. So that's a win.. We pay $304 a month now with no dental.

Demanding high stress job (eeps.. a bit anxious about it but also challenged by it).

DAYCARE! I will have to dish out daycare for my son.. at a cost of $125 a week for part time daycare while he is in school. My eldest daughter will daycare him during the summer as a summer job.

Ok so in the end.. that job allots me a certain take home amount after paying all the costs of daycare, taxes and health insurance. Let's say for arguments sake.. it's around $900 a month.. cuz well it's right about there.

Now I have been offered a position in my department now.. closer to home location (both jobs are at the closer to home location.. only 10 mins from my house.. my gas budget.. is going to be fabulous!!).... The job in my current department but at the closer to home site is still part time second shift working nights and rotational weekends and holidays. (boo still no family time). That said I have been with my company and my department for a year now so am about to get my first raise. I expect it to be about 30 cents.. woo hoo (yes sarcasm)... So I will be slightly higher than the starting rate of pay for daytime job.

Next.. obviously there is no daycare costs associated with my continuining to work part time second shift. Oh yes wait.. it's stil part time. Just 26 hours a week versus my current 20 hours. Those extra hours also equal benefits, although I can keep my current insurance and just tack on dental through my employer.

At 26 hours, no daycare costs, after taxes and insurance (I always figure my income covers our current health insurance plan and will continue to factor that into this position as well) and WITH dental.. I work out to pretty much the exact same monthly take home of around $900!!

So now it comes down to a quality of life decision. Keeping 2nd shift I won't see my teenagers much, but will be home with my preschooler until he is in school full time. That's another 2 years until he is. I will have my summers and school vacations home with my teenagers.. just won't see them like I do now during the school week. I will have more time at home to do the basics like pay bills, manage the house. I will however have to keep working weekends (some times that's ok.. other times it stinks).. and working holidays (mostly always stinks.. at least when it comes to Christmas and New Years)...

What factors would motivate you.. if your basics of income and health insurance worked out to be the same. How would you decide?

Of course..that's me going with the great big IF.. I am offered the job I am interviewing for tomorrow. The 26 hr job closer to home is guaranteed and I am definitely taking that while I wait for the slow moving wheels of HR to work their way through interviewing and hiring for this other job. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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    I am so proud of you for continuing to work so hard and taking so many interviews and being successful with your improved job quality. I keep looking up to you!
    2191 days ago
    I too would take the extra time, particularly with the little one! One question you didn't bring up, I don't think - does one or the other offer better advancement opportunities? The only reason I personally would take the more stressful job is if it clearly could lead to bigger and better things and is worth the short term tradeoffs.
    2198 days ago
    Just me but I don't like shift work. I did it for years. Worked 3 years of 11 to 7. A couple of years of 3- 11. And the rest days. I like working days, having weekends off, having holidays off and it's one of my priorities. I never cared about the shift differential - it wasn't worth ruining my health with the weird hours. It's been proven to be unhealthy. It screws your biorhythms up.
    2198 days ago
  • GLC2009
    am i right in reading this--26 hr a week job, versus, 40 hr a week job equals the same pay?
    i'm not much help since i don't have kids, and so i would choose more free time (albeit, strange hours).........................good luck with your decision.
    2198 days ago
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