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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A thought i had this morning - you have to learn to have a healthy lifestyle in a crazy life or it ain't going to happen. I live a crazy life, i'm always on the run, i get run down, i get stressed, i get to a point where i really just want to be home then go somewhere. I have to fit in time to research my healthy lifestyle and changes i want to make and i have to fit in exercise and time for my mind to be quite. I've been working on all of these. But there are also time where i get hurt. I bought my husband a 25 lb adjustable weight and i have strained my shoulder, it's getting better but not 100% better yet. Then this past friday I hurt my quad muscle by slipping in the bathroom. well from this i realized i'm still babying my injuries but.. i'm also still moving. This was a big step for me. I think one of my life lessons was to learn that yes i can get hurt and i don't have to give up. i feel so much better realizing this. so today i will do 10-15 mins exercise and also rest my hip and shoulder so they can heal.

1) I've made the most progress in this area so far: mental chatter, i'm getting stronger and more positive

2) What I have done best this challenge is: getting better at my routines and not giving up

3) What I still need to work on during the last weeks of this challenge is: building indurance and strength while letting some injuries heal.

4) The progress that I've made makes me feel: very strong! empowered!
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