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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Okay, so here's a little (little? ha!) update:

I've been snacking, the scale hasn't been moving. I've been a little lax with measuring too. I started thinking about it...why did the scale used to consistently move 1.5-2 lbs per week, and lately it's been so stalled out? I need to change something. SO I played around with my fitness and nutrition trackers and goal weight page, etc. First off I had to cut back on exercise a bit this week(I'll explain further down). I figure even if I'm messing with this every month, I'd rather it be accurate. Also I thought about WHAT I was eating and it was the same foods all the time. They were healthy and nutritious, but overall I felt I needed to shake it up a bit.

Fitness minutes went down slightly, Calorie range also went down. I kept my goal weight and time the same - I had been ahead of the curve but was starting to slip behind (very minor). So I really didn't change anything on that page, I just submitted it again and my range changed. I wonder if it was because maybe it hadn't factored in my lower weight on it's own? It needed a little kick in the pants?

So I've been changing up what I've been eating - progresso soups for lunch have been amazing - yummy, low calorie and filling (I eat both servings). You don't even need to mess with the "light" varieties if you are eating it as a meal because the regular ones are light enough on their own. I've been having cereal and fruit or homemade breakfast burritoes more instead of smoothies (still going to make them, just not every day - I think I'll start making them smaller too). Snacking on carrots instead of "healthy" chips/crackers, etc.

I also kicked up my exercise majorly on Sunday, and as a result have had to take it easy since - took a day off on Monday as I could hardly walk, and couldn't jog yesterday, ended up walking. So what happened Sunday, Now I'll finally get to it:

I ran outside for the first time ever!!! It was SO rough at first. I immediately was telling myself - okay, I can't do this. I'll go pick up my shirt at the 5k and then just do the fun run with my son. I was automatically trying to go too fast, and also up a long hill. - not steep but man could I tell - felt like a mountain at times LOL Okay, not really. So I turned my music on (was going to try to go with the birds, but once I got away from the houses and by corn fields, not many nature sounds anymore). So I turned on my music, got my pace, made sure my stride wasn't too big (knees were hurting already - knew something was off). Also just walked when I needed too. I took a few longer walking breaks because I accidentally paused my interval timer on my phone and messed it up LOL. But then...I got into a rhythm. I had my music, I made it up over the first hill, I didn't care who saw me, the sun was bright and beautiful and all of a sudden I saw how far I was and I'd made it through a few 4 minute jogging intervals, etc. My confidence was growing and nature was giving me a much needed boost. I decided when to turn around and on the way back it was great. First off, I had lots of downhills - those were amazing! I felt like I was flying :) It still makes me giddy to think about. Also totally cool with outside besides the views (I have a country road) is that I can pick a spot on the road or a certain plant that I aim for and as I get closer, I pick another. Makes me see my progress more, and I don't feel as slow. I don't have that on the treadmill! ALSO the super amazing nature-y thing besides the breeze and the sunshine was the butterflies - I almost cried. It was probably in the last 2/3 to 3/4 of my run I started getting these big butterflies that would flutter along beside me for a while, then one would drift off and another would appear. It was so strange and magical - it was like they were escorting me for a while. I know that sounds weird, but it was very cool. my last run interval ended and I started slowing down and then I said screw this, I don't need to stop so I kept running - it was great. Of course first thing I do when I get in the house is get on the computer to map my run and found out that my pace overall matched what I do on the treadmill. Now I have a super confidence boost that I can get this 5k done in under an hour.

So then I got changed, grabbed a couple bags of ice and we headed to the forest preserve for that bird fest thing I mentioned in my last blog. I iced my knees on the way there as a preventative. So we walked around bird fest for a few hours and hiked a trail up to a bluff. I mapped that too when I got home. I think I got 4.5-5 miles or so in that day total. It was great. The weather was beautiful and perfect. I still ate well all day. How strange. Instead of using mother's day as an excuse to eat whatever or eat out at a restaurant, I chose to exercise the heck out of the day LOL. And that's why I couldn't walk and had to take it easy for a few days... from my foot up to about mid calf, all the way around on every side has been killing me the last couple days(not injury like, just extreme muscles soreness - imagine rotating your foot around and having sever muscle pain all around as you move it). Just makes it that much more clear that I need to strengthen those muscles more. between running on the road and then walking trails - so much uneven surfaces compared to the treadmill - that's what did it. I really want to get out for a run every weekend, and maybe as things go, in the evening too. we'll see :) My legs are almost feeling normal today so hoping I can get a good cardio video in :)

So I think that's all my good news. The little SP/internet break has been going well too. I've gotten a lot of reading done lately (mostly reading the three musketeers) and extra cleaning, etc. I'm still tracking my food and exercise throughout the day and trying to read people's blogs when I get on. My friends are doing AMAZING! I may not be able to comment as much but I'm still cheering you all on and sending good successful vibes your way!

OH DUH!!! all of this, the eating, changing things up, exercise challenges, etc have lead up to something. The scale moved again!!!!! I was stuck at 230-229.5 for a while and yesterday it was at 229 and today 228. Guess I just needed a jumpstart and the attitude that I have control over this. I just need to use my brain - do a little brainstorming and have a reality check about what I can change and improve and it's working!! I will of course change it again as I kick up the workouts again - I'll make sure I'm eating enough.

Okay, that's all LOL

Miss you all and glad things are going so well from what I've been seeing! I'm seeing weightloss, new swimsuits, new smaller jeans, health after sickness, etc.

Any other great news?

emoticon emoticon ~Katie
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, your run sounded fantastic! Wishing you the best! I tried running outside, and though it's nice scenery, it's really quite difficult. I'm on week 8 starting today of the 5k your way and all of my runs with the exception of one have been on the treadmill. I hope I can do as well as you soon.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2191 days ago
    What a fantastic run! I knew you'd get there sooner than later. Good idea to ice those knees and keep them working after all that. You're awesome!
    2194 days ago
  • CC3833
    Awesome. When I used to run outside I used to do the same thing with the markers! I think running outside is easier then on the treadmill because you have a lot of distractions outside. The butterfly thing sounds beautiful!

    Good for you about the changing things around! Sometimes you just need a little adjustment.

    I understand the internet and SP thing. I still come on and try and track everything. But no blogging :-(

    Glad the scale moved for you!
    2194 days ago
  • SUE5007
    emoticon Keep it up! You're going to have an awesome time at the 5k.
    2195 days ago
    sounds great

    Now I'm wondering if I should go through my goal setting again. hmm
    2195 days ago
  • RUGGER611
    Keep up the great work!!!! So glad that you enjoyed your run and sounds like it gave you confidence!!! Awesome! emoticon
    2195 days ago
    Amazing Katie!! You are awesome!!
    2195 days ago
    emoticon Glad the scales moving again! You made it happen.
    2195 days ago
    You did great outside! Good for you for pushing through the negative initial thoughts and plowing right through them!! It will get easier. It's so funny though because I jog up two hills two and in the car they don't look steep at all, but the second I start jogging up, I am out of breath! I hate those hills! They do give me a good workout though! I also have a ton of butterflies this year too. All different kinds keep me compnay while I jog and I try to focus on their chaotic way of flying as I try to take my mind off of the pain!!

    I am so glad for you! It sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up!
    2195 days ago
    Good job! You are inspiring me to want to start running. I loved hearing about the birds and the butterflies!
    I hope your knees are feeling better. Have a great rest of your week!! emoticon emoticon
    2195 days ago
  • CANDY1023
    2195 days ago
    2195 days ago
    good job!! I had a hard time running as well. I run once or twice a week and it is definately something to get used to!
    2195 days ago
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