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30 Day Juice Journey -- Day 2

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well, I decided to keep a log of my experiences during my 30 day juicing journey. I recently watched a film called, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" that was very eye-opening for me. In it, a man named Joe Cross goes on a trip through the United States while drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices only for 60 days. He was able to shed 80 lbs. and rid himself of a chronic skin condition in the process.

I have been incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet for the last few weeks, and exercising daily. When I saw the film, I thought it would be interesting to give the juicing thing a try mainly to see how it would affect my chronic allergies. I'm allergic to so many fruits (ironically enough), and environmental things. I know I'm not meant to live like this. Then, of course, there's the weight issue. I have already lost 5 lbs., and have no doubt that if I continue on my current exercise and eating regimen that I will lose weight consistently and safely. There are definitely better ways of losing weight than going on a juice fast (or feast, as it as often referred to), so my main goals with it are to address my chronic allergies, and retrain my tastebuds to desire more fresh fruits and vegetables.

I've observed from viewing hundreds of weight loss videos on YouTube, (and posting a few of my own a few years ago), and reading weight loss stories here on SparkPeople and other places, that the majority of people who lose large amounts of weight tend to regain it. I've heard figures as high as 99%. What can I do to be in the 1% of people that do not regain the weight once it's lost? I have to desire the foods that are healthful for me. That doesn't mean I won't ever have another burger or piece of pizza -- it just means, hopefully, that it will feel strange to me to go a day without getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. That's the place I want to get to.

At some point, maintaining a healthy weight should move from being a struggle to being something we do with relative ease -- because that's the way we were meant to function. So, in short, I'm doing something pretty radical in order to be completely normal.

I want health. I want a slim body. I want confidence. I'm willing to set aside some time in my life to achieve those things in the long term. Heck, if I had had the forsight to do this 10 years ago, would I be dealing with these issues now? Probaby not.

So, yesterday I began what I thought would be a 3-day per week juice fast, but I decided to go full-throttle and just dedicate the next month to juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I'll be keeping track of my progress here as often as I'm able -- which may be everyday, but may not be.

So far, I feel pretty good. I have one juice called a 'mean green' (if you see the film, you'll understand), and one that my husband and I call our 'nice drink' that contains mostly fruit. I'm also experimenting with various other juices. Today we're juicing watermelon. He'll be juicing 3 days a week as planned, while I'll go the full 30 days on juice only.

Yesterday we only drank 3 small cups, and called it a day. Today, I've had 4 6 oz. cups so far, and I'll probably do 2 more before the day is out. A fruit smoothie with protien in the mornings, and vegetable and watermelon juices the rest of the day. Pretty simple. I'll mix it up as time goes on. I'm experiencing a lot more hunger than I did yesterday.

Okay, I'll be checking in frequently until the 15th of June. Here's to happy juicing!
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    Singing's going well. Touring a lot. Taking some time off this summer. I'm really hoping to recondition my taste buds. That way, I won't deal with massive weight gain no matter how consistent I am with exercise.
    2533 days ago
  • LE7_1234

    As someone who has had plenty of binges on vegetables, I can tell you that what stopped me from regaining all the weight I lost ~6 years ago was a combination of finding lots of healthy foods that I like AND taking care of my inner self--mostly through IOWL.

    How's your singing going these days? :-)
    2533 days ago
    i love juicing!
    I have done my own, but currently i have been using blue print cleanse. They will ship anywhere, but that can be expensive. They just started carrying it in a "whole foods" sort of near by so that saves on the shipping now.

    I find that i am rarely hungry when juicing and sometimes i cant even drink as much as i am supposed to (6 16 oz bottles a day).

    Good luck on your juice journey.
    2534 days ago
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