Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I will confess this is probably the hardest thing that I deal with on a daily basis...PORTION CONTROL!!! I love food, like almost more than anything. I know this has led to the problems of being overweight I have today. I can sit there and say I am going to eat my whole wheat and turkey sandwich and grapes, but then eat whatever else I can get my hands on.

I have a hard time controlling how much I eat and I realize this. Now what is the next step? Where do I go from here? Any suggestions? Maybe someone out there has been through this also? I have definitely cut back but still having a hard time with this.

Suggestions please :)
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  • CAMAEL100
    I try to ask myself if I am really still hungry when finished the sandwich. This works but not for the past few days when I seem to be eating everything I can lay my hands on!!! The trick is to only eat when hungry and not to listen to false hunger. There is a lot of good advice on the binge free for life team.
    2148 days ago
    I struggle with overeating as well. I also struggle with emotional/mindless eating. I eat when I'm stressed, bored, excited, etc. The smaller plate method works for me as well as using measuring cups. I will be investing in a food scale soon to help out as well. Try to drink water before and after planned portions to fill you up.
    2200 days ago
  • JEANNIE_410
    Thanks ladies!! I will try these things to help me! emoticon
    2201 days ago
    Definitely get the food scale... it helped me SO much to realize where i was selling myself short on certain things.....

    On the other hand, if you're into portions as much as I am - give yourself breaks on things.... anything leafy and green - you can have UNLIMITED of, so go crazy on those things... I LOVE myself a HEAPING salad and I go crazy on those things.... also complex carbs, they keep you full longer... so oatmeal, whole wheat things.. you get my drift.....

    Another thing I (try to) do is use smaller plates. If I use big plates or bowls in my house, I tend to portion out WAY TOO much for me... so using smaller plates kinda tends to help and gives the illusion I'm still eating a good serving....

    Hope that helps! You are awesome and good luck!
    2201 days ago
    If you know you overeat--force yourself to measure out portions. Get a food scale. I personally have three sizes of ziploc bags in my house.

    When you buy a snack you like--force yourself to measure out individual portions into the bags. That way you have to take another step to overeat and take another portion.

    Do the same with your dinner. Use measuring cups to get exact servings down. By doing this -- even if you go back for another serving, it helps to keep you from gobbling down everything in the bag/box/bowl.
    2201 days ago
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