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Day one without meat...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Of course there has been many days without meat in my life before but yesterday was hopefully the first in a streak of many. It was harder than I had imagined, I was at my friends farm and on my way home had to stop by the store and buy food for the cat - and I had that temptation in the back of my brain..."just for today, you can start your streak tomorrow. I turned it around saying "just for today I will not, I can do it tomorrow if I find it impossible but today I do not need any meat." Had sandwiches with smoked salmon and tea as dinner. I think I will stick to fat fish for some days not to get too hungry...

Went to a phone meeting with OA and afterwards called a woman who had inspired me to read that Gorski book. We agreed to speak on the phone once a week to help eachother to work "extra" with that books suggestions and I started yesterday with identifying and listing some of the warning signals I get when I move towards relapse. It was a little bit scary to note that I have experienced most of those signals but the five I picked yesterday to notice was:
1. Tendency to withdraw and isolate. I blame it on lack of energy but there is more to it and I will elaborate on that.
2. Tunnelvision. I don´t have the energy to see my life as a whole, in order not to become completely passive, I focus on individual parts and perform there - I plan exercise for a day and completely ignore all other things I ought to be doing, or I plan to pay my bills, or work with the theatre...hard to be balanced when I don´t deal with the whole picture...
3. Can´t plan ahead. Some years ago I used to do a meal plan for a whole week, I just can´t do that today. What I do is to shop foods that I know makes healthy meals, fish, poultry, lentils, vegetables – and then plan one day at the time. I made up some weekly plans but somehow they make me really depressed and I can´t stand the thought of following them...
4. Listless and unenterprising. I am SO happy that I managed to mow the lawn this weekend - even more grateful that the lawn mower started after winter rest... but I still drive around with the summer tires in the back of my car, just don´t have the energy to change because it will be hard work and I scared to break some bolts...
5. Feeling powerless and helpless. This is because of the situation with my daughter, I can feel my tension building up and my face rash is prospering...

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  • SILLYHP1953
    Being aware of the signals is major, then you still have some control I think.
    2709 days ago
    I'm working on rotating in fish and bean to breakfast instead of eggs/meat. But I know I need to do it slowly
    2767 days ago
    I have given up red meat , I do eat chicken ,but for the most part i eat lots of veggies, grains and beans
    Just had wheatberries for the 1st time in a salad ,really good.
    Anyway,i think you will find it fairly easy tp go meatless if you get your protein from other sources.
    Good Luck. emoticon
    2767 days ago
    I found giving up meat easy too. As I read your menus-over time- I wonder if it's meat, or sandwiches, that you'll be missing?? I rarely eat sandwiches; so rarely eat bread. Things just evolved that way. Even tuna salad I'd rather eat with fresh vegetables; can't wait until I have home grown tomatoes! Since I started eating vegetarian, I'm NOT hungry! Because if I eat a lot of vegetables, my freggies are usually 7-10 servings a day, the sheer volume satisfies me. Plus, they need to be chewed and strangely I've come to understand that that's an important part of my being "satisfied". You can't bolt a carrot or an apple!

    I can identify with the warning signals you list: especially during what I've come to call my "dark decade".
    #1--my salvation was hitting a LOT of alanon meetings! Several a day for awhile. I wasn't relating well to others and wasn't fit company for myself or anyone else; it was my "safe" place.
    #2 Lists and keeping a calendar kept me on track for the must dos; still does. Otherwise I think focusing on anything productive is better than just cocooning. Some of my most creative projects were made during some of my most painful times. I had to take my mind to another place for a break.
    #3 I still just shop and fill my kitchen with the basics, for me, and plan a day at a time for meals. Other things have to get on my calendar or they don't get done. Again, lists and post it's are my friend.
    #4 Oh my, I don't know how I would have gotten past this without Alanon's JUST FOR TODAY. Let me know if you don't have it.
    #5 Go back to the TWELVE STEPS and trust the process; it is a life changing one. Step ONE and TWO are simple; just not easy! Hugs.
    2767 days ago
    rather than thinking about giving up meat, think about adding new things to your food choices - fat fish are fine, but there is a whole world of beans, lentils, tofu, quinoa not to mention all the greens which have protein too and present a culinary adventure way better than meat emoticon
    2767 days ago
    I think the point is: WHY don't you eat no meat?

    I was a vegetarian for 9 years. I simply did not like the taste and it was so easy for me.

    now I eat, not so often, but I try to buy meat from the local farmers.

    In my pregnancy I was DESPERATE for meat!

    Hope you will make it! :)

    2768 days ago
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