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I'm (not) a mother. (w/ pics)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hi sparkfriends!

This blog may be sort of bitter for a few here....It's Mother's Day!...Happy Mother's Day to all of my wonderful sparkfriends that are mothers! emoticon

I'm not a mother. In the biological sense. I was sort of bitter last night and rude and I think this is why....Kodi went off with his mother this morning for the day....he made her a card at school ....His mother doesn't buy him anything. His mother doesn't come to all of his baseball games. His mother doesn't re-arrange her work schedule/take less pay/give up time with friends/family so that Kodi can get where he needs to be and do what he wants. His mother doesn't hug him. His mother doesn't call him everyday. His mother doesn't.....well....you get the picture.

No..not trying to say I'm his mother or anything...I'm just a little....bitter...ya feel me? emoticon

***Ok..I vented...feel a little better now..

So this past week I've been ROCKIN it with fitness minutes... emoticon I mean..getting at least 40 or so minutes almost everyday...and for me this is quite spectacular because..I'm tired....more like EXHAUSTED..and busy...so I'm proud. I'm noticing my abs getting more how I want them..and my legs..don't look like.....cottage cheese as much from the front anymore...2 major problem areas of mine. Now I can wear shorts and not feel like everyone might be looking at my thighs. I've been learning the meaning and point of "tighten your abs" when working out....they all say it....I think now that a lot of the fat is off the top layer I can actually FEEL myself tightening my abs...Yesterday Bambi and I went for a 4.5ish mile walk/jog. The weather is BEAUTIFUL here this weekend. I tried to stay conscious of holding my abs in.

I'm getting myself a routine because I've been doing quite a random routine of workouts since I'm not religiously doing Body Rocks anymore...(still am but not as much) I'm going to do Jillian's 30 day shred. Not daily but 3x a week so today I did my first day of level 1 (also added a short walk away the lbs type workout and a 6 minute spark lower body workout) I'm going to do 30ds weds and then friday again. Then start with level 2 next week...and so on...I'm going to do other things on the other days..whatever I feel like...but I want to at least have some sort of "regimen" without being tied down DAILY to a program....I lose interest fast if I've already done the program a time or two..or three..before. So I'm excited. I think it'll go well. emoticon

So here's a picture of me..not sucking in ..or anything....I tend to suck in even if I don't really need to..then you can see my ribs and I look like I have a problem...but my stomach is clearly not where I want it to be..so here is my accountability photo. This. will. change. stat.

don't mind the sweat ..I just killed it working out.

Here is one of my legs..I took the other day because I was wanting to see progress in them don't mind the scowl...I wasn't taking glamour shots.

and here's one for the fun of it..

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Aww, you're something much more important than a Mother. Any woman can give birth to a child and be a mother. You're a mom. That takes work, sacrifice, and love, all things that you have willingly given to that boy. Kodi may not realize it now, but he will. Some day, he will be aware of how much you've done for him.

    PS you look awesome!
    2221 days ago
    Hang in there. When my mom started dating my dad and for quite a few years after theynwere married, I was AWFUL to him on purpose. Now people don't even realize he's not my 'real' dad. I am sure kodi didn't even think about it. I guarantee you if you stick with your support of him he will come around more quickly than me (I was 13, so a bad age to have a major life change).

    Kids realize more than we give them credit for.
    2227 days ago
    My youngest daughter graduated last Friday, and the Thursday night before was "honors night," where the seniors who got scholarships were awarded, etc. They introduced the senior class one by one, like this: "Jodi Stewart, daughter of Joe and Dava Stewart." I think the kids got to say how they were introduced. Some of them only had one parent name, some as many as SIX. I bet that if Kodi ever gets to choose, your name will be listed. Parenting has far, far less to do with biologics than it does with love.

    Your arms look FANFREAKINGTASTIC. And also, I cannot imagine that your legs have ever looked like they had cottage cheese on them. Our perceptions of ourselves tend to be pretty harsh.

    Congratulations, Misty on everything you are doing - from being a good parent (and you ARE) to taking good care of yourself.
    2228 days ago
  • ABBEH23
    Being a "step-Mother" is somewhat of a new role for me as well. It's very, very difficult.

    I remind everyone I know now, that may be the "Mother" in the situation, having to deal with a "step-Mother", that you may be hurt, angry, sad, whatever it is, but the Step-Mother isn't always evil. She may just be someone like me, someone who is kind and hasn't done anything wrong...don't just assume she's "bad"...and don't project your issues onto her. :(

    (Thanks for letting me vent too...)
    2228 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/21/2012 9:37:15 AM
    Hey, girl! Just happened to come across your blog. I understand completely what you are talking about - I pretty much hate Mother's Day! I have been raising two step-daughters for almost seven years now and have pretty much given up having my own kids so I can take care of them. Much like your little one, they have been my entire world. I plan everything around them, do everything for them; if they are sick I am the one who takes care of them, if they need a dress for prom, I am the one who rearranges the budget and goes without so they can have it, etc, etc, etc. I am fortunate that usually one of them acknowledges my impact on their lives and will do something special for Mother's Day. But it's still really hard and I always feel hurt and guilty. Even my mother-in-law who knows how much I do for them will still make comments about how they "should be with their mom for Mother's Day". I wish it was easier..... I don't regret any of it, but it is just flat hard sometimes!
    2228 days ago

    He's young and probably doesn't understand right now. When he grows older, he'll look back and realize how important you are in his life.
    2228 days ago
    A mother is someone who looks after and cares for a child/children and loves them with all her heart. You are a mother! Happy mothers day, and I hope Kodi knows how lucky he is :)
    2229 days ago
    You look absolutely amazing it the pics! Keep up the good work with working out!

    And I think you are an amazing mom to Kodi and I am sorry that he didn't recognize you today. Hugs!!
    2229 days ago
    2229 days ago
  • CHEMCHIC2006
    Happy Mother's day! I know you're not a really real mother... But it sounds like you take very good care if Kodi and that makes you a great almost really real mother. Lol anyways.. I hope you have a nice mothers day anyways.. Go buy some flowers if no one else will :) you deserve it!

    PS- I'm not seeing the issue with your legs.. They look fabulous ;)

    2229 days ago
  • MELLY3183
    Sorry about the bitter feeling, but sometimes kids just don't understand. Kodi will see the light one day.

    Congrats on your working out progress! Keep it up.
    2229 days ago
  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    Someday Kodi will realize how much more you've been there for him than his own mother. I went through the same thing with my stepdaughter but now that she's an adult I'M the one she calls first on Mother's Day. I'M the one she recognizes as the woman who cared for her growing up. Believe me, Kodi will appreciate all you do for him when he is older. Kids don't think like that. So hang in there, the day will come!
    You ARE rocking it and it shows! You look fantastic! Keep up the good work! emoticon YOU are emoticon Misty!
    2229 days ago
    I'm sorry that you were having bitter feelings concerning mothers day! Being a biological mother doesn't make you a REAL mother, like YOU ARE for Kodi! Take pride in knowing that as he grows he WILL come to the point where he realizes this for himself and will appreciate you THAT MUCH MORE =]

    Also, LOVE your new/unofficial routine! I love jillian so much =] She has such a kick ass and take names personality, it rocks! Definitely not for EVERYONE though =p I wonder how much doing her workouts would kick my butt using 10lb handweights? LOL! Maybe I should give her another go sometime soon too! =]

    Great job being AWESOME girl! You are always so inspiring to me, how much you get done with such a busy schedule! Keep it up!
    2229 days ago
    I agree with the PP!!! Your legs look awesome!!!! I am super jealous of them, that is my worst problem area!!! Keep up the great work!!!!
    2229 days ago
    Don't be too bitter. He's just a kid, and a boy at that. I doubt it even occurred to him to think of you on Mother's Day. I bet, in his mind mother=mother. You see? He'll figure it out someday. Well, when he gets a girlfriend who can explain it to him, anyway!

    2229 days ago
    Happy Mother's Day - you're a mom figure in his life even if you're not getting to celebrate it today with him. I bet he appreciates everything you do! emoticon Wow, you're getting definition in your abs - emoticon emoticon Have a great day. emoticon
    2229 days ago
    2229 days ago
    Sometimes kids don't realize how good they have it where they have it. Even biological mom's don't always get gifts, cards, and thanks on Mother's Day. But what you get from what I can see is love and smiles all those other days....you are lucky....those other days are just as important they are the other 364 days out of the year. One day out of a year doesn't make you a Mom
    2229 days ago
    I agree - Happy Mother's Day to you too. You don't have to have your own children to be a mother to a child. Hugs!

    Congrats on the workouts! In my humble opinion, your pictures look AWESOME! I keep looking in the mirror and all I see is my big belly and huge thighs so I know where you're coming from, but I would LOVE to look like you do. Just sayin'. But we are always our worst critics right? You look awesome! :)
    2229 days ago
    Happy Mother's Day to you even if you're NOT a biological mom. You do things as a mother, and just know that not all kids appreciate the things their mothers (biological or no) do! I know that's not going to make it better or anything, but sending hugs anyway.
    2229 days ago
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