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Weekly Update 5/13/12... (very long)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another week another gain. Still not trying... one day I did real good then just fell off the wagon. I'll get there. I'm determined. And I know once I truly get started I will be good.

Note: I am writing this blog as a type of journal. Therefore I apologize for it being so long in advance. Thank you. I should also mention about 95% of the sale was kids stuff.

The past week was fairly uneventful otherwise. Oh, besides this huge garage sale we had yesterday. It was a success in every sense of the word. Picture perfect clear blue skies all day. A nice temp, not to hot, not to cold. I think it was in the mid 70s but I didn't watch tv at all. I woke up after getting very little sleep at about 5:45am. I usually wake up with the sun but I'm not used to moving so quickly afterwards. We began at 6am, setting up the tables. Then I began to bring allllll the boxes and other stuff out of the garage to my wife who would lay it all out nicely. Our garage is about 50 feet from the street so I'm thinking it was a good workout in itself. It took us just about to 8am to get most of it laid out. The rest was under the tables and put out as we sold stuff. I also set up the pop-up tent to keep us and the kids in the shade all day.

We had only one early bird which is no big deal to us. It was a guy in a huge dump truck. Odd, but whatever. He walked away with a stained shirt my wife gave him for free because she was going to throw it out. Anyways, the rush came right at 8am. I was ready to go. It was nice hearing from them how they found out about us. Whether it was Craigslist or this sign or that sign. Or even a flyer we posted around town. Good to know what works and what doesn't.

We had mostly nice and pleasant customers if they bought something or not. But OH did we have the ones we wanted to strangle. I guess the first one would be a couple who was nice at first and started putting a lot of items in a pile on one side saying they were going to take all that stuff. I would say about 5-6 nice items and maybe a couple cheaper ones. So then they asked since they were getting so much if they could get a good deal. Of course I said. I was going to say $60 but my wife started with $75. They were totally turned off. Practically snapping at us. Then she said $65. They were still snapping. Really? I won't go into details on which items exactly. But I will say we keep things very clean and like new condition as best we can and in some cases with the original box. That's when I said to them I can get much more if I sold it separately. My wifes Aunt happened to be there at that time too and she made sure to whisper in to her ear not to take the ( I think it was) $40 they were offering. And that was that. They left. And immediately other customers were saying we did the right thing, the price we were asking was more then fair. And then some of those items were taken right then and there by that first rush of people as well. A couple hours later we had this older couple come in with one of their mothers. They were looking around a bit. Then the lady goes into a pack n play I had filled up with alot of the stuffed animals. She asked how much and I told her anywhere from $1 to $5. She stopped and went on telling me how she would never pay anything more then $1 for a plush toy. I told her the kids never used them. Neither really liked playing with them. And about half of them still had the tags on them. She went on saying something about how she was alot older then me (yeah no sh*t you cranky old b**ch, I was thinking) and how she has dolls older then me with tags on it, and that doesn't mean anything. It was like whatever, I don't care. Needless to say they left shortly after. I'm not trying to sell things at a crazy price but I'm not going to give them away either. If I buy a 18" plush doll at Disney for $40 or whatever and it's like brand new I'm not giving it away for $1. Sorry, but not really. OK, I believe the last crazy person was a lady who came in and bought a couple things later in the day. Mostly clothes. Again, we keep the kids clothes like new. We were selling each piece of clothing for $1 at first. Unless of course it was a nice dress or whatever, then a couple bucks. And as the day went on we started selling 2 for $1. So this lady bargained her way 5 for $2.50. Ok, that's fine. But she got 7 items. So that's not 2.50. She didn't understand that. What don't you understand lady?! It's 3.50. you got 5 for 2.50 then 2 more for 1. 2.50+1=3.50. It was ridiculous but then the other lady she was with did the same thing. Anyways, when they were leaving, they saw one of those baby carriers. You know the thing you strap on to the front of you and they sit in it so you can use both of your hands. Well, we tried that with Emily when she was a baby and didn't care for it too much. But we received this one as a gift when we were having Eric. We never opened it. It was a top name brand and sells for about 40-50 in the store. And some others sell for over 100. They asked and we said we were selling it for $5. They looked at us disgusted. Both of us, my cousin who came by to help us out for a while and I were about to kick their butt the way they were looking at us. But they didn't just put it down either. They kept looking at it. And looking at it. Then they offered 3. I said 5. Then they offered 4. I would usually go down during a negotiation but not this time. For one I thought it was a fair price and two they were idiots. They put it down. But before leaving the went by another table of toys. They were trying to get two toys for $1. I was saying $2 and that was being VERY generous. I just wanted them gone. But they wouldn't leave. And they didn't pay the $2 either. But wouldn't leave. They just kept staring at us as if we would go lower. Later I think I sold the 2 items separately for $4. But here's the best part. A truck came by later on. A guy and a little girl got out and went straight to the baby carrier. I told them it was $5. He began talking to a lady who was behind the tinted windows of the $30K truck they drove up in. I don't speak spanish fluently but I understand a lot of it. As does my cousin and we were both like, that's the same lady from before. How ridiculous. Then the guy and his daughter went to the table with the toys we had left and picked up a Cabbage Patch doll in the box, never opened (just looked online at toys r us it goes for $35). A disney princess halloween basket I think we paid $10 in the store during halloween one year and the carrier. About $100 value and asked $10. Remember we keep our stuff like new. And in this case both the Cabbage Patch doll and the baby carrier were brand new sealed in the box. I was basically throwing in the basket which this very cute little girl was already falling in love with. Nope, the lady sitting behind the tinted windows in her 30K truck couldn't pay that much. Saying something about how she can get the carrier for $10 at Marshalls and whatnot. I'm thinking, so leave and go do that. She tells him no on the doll and the basket. And take the carrier for $5. But then they sit in the truck for like 2-3 mins right at the end of my driveway. We're just thinking, don't think we are taking it back now. But they eventually left.

So yeah, we had a couple crazies but we had soooo many nice people. Happy to pay the low prices. Telling us the prices were so low it was like giving it away. Telling us how the stuff, whether it was clothes or toys or the baby swings or the playhouse that were in such like new condition. They couldn't understand how we kept it so clean. We had no problem wheeling and dealing. Letting go of some of the bigger items for much less then we hoped but not having any attitudes with it. Just happy customers. One customer had told me she was on craigslist that morning looking for patio furniture. But because I listed the kids playhouse as it's proper name, "Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse" it showed up and she had to stop by and take a look at it. She didn't take that as another lady was there and they couldn't make a better offer but they did take a play kitchen we had along with some other stuff and they spent $50. We were giving away stuffed animals to the nicer people with the cute kids, some who didn't even purchase anything. Others took a toy from the 25 cent bin for free. Just little things, for the kids, that made it a great day overall.

We had the great weather. Let's be honest, we made lots of money. And we sold about 85% of everything we put out. We only have about 7 bins/boxes of stuff in the garage now. We might have another sale in the fall. Put some stuff out at my Moms who might have a sale or maybe give it away. Not sure yet. But the stress of having all that stuff is now gone. And that's a plus. If you read all this, I hope you liked it. Sorry it was so long but I wrote it so I could look back on it one day.

Now we have to get ready for Emily's 6th birthday party in 2 weeks. When that's over, then I can relax. LOL. Take care and stay healthy.


ps... here's a pic I took about an hour or so after it began but already a lot of the bigger stuff had been sold.
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  • BAKER1009
    It was long, but kinda funny!! Sounds like you had a successful day!! I never did talk to my apartment manager. I decided she's just too much of a b*tch, I don't even want to go there, lol!

    I hope you are still feeling all that determination this week! C'mon Mike, kick some butt, because I know you can, and you know you can!!

    2228 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/15/2012 9:50:52 AM
    wow...that's a lot of stuff. Glad you had great success with it!!
    2229 days ago
    Great work with the yard sale! Glad that 95% of it was a success - without those few thorns to ruin the roses - it sounds like it was a great day!

    2230 days ago
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