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Sunday, May 13, 2012

are not enough. You have to follow through. If all we do is think about what we want to do, or need to do , even if we make lists and plans , we have to put the work in to make those intentions happen.
I started this week out with the best of good intentions.
I was going to plant some veggies and flowers.
Last Saturday I bought 2 Geranium plants. I had one from last year.
On Monday I went to the store and got 3 tomato plants. Some basil, thyme and rosemary. And four lettuce plants.
On Tuesday I made a list of the pots I needed and some potting soil. I went to Loews for they have better prices than Walmarts.
I got the potting mix. I bought some hot pepper plants. More herbs. Mint, oregano. Decided I need some different tomato's so got 3 Early Girl plants.
While at Loews I saw a planting container for a patio or small space. It was a 3 ft. by 3 ft plastic box with a rack for drainage and a cover and watering tube. They had it set up with 6 plants. It was $29.99. Not bad. I thought I would get one for the herbs. All but the rosemary and mint they need their own containers. They will over take any space they are in.
I'll put my other plants in big pots. I already have a large urn pot for the tomatoes.
But as I stood there thinking what I needed, I remembered I had a plastic container in my storage area that was not being used. If I had a drainage rack for the bottom I could use that and save the money. I could probably find something to use in the bottom for drainage. Plus some cheap pots or buckets. Maybe at the Goodwill.
I made another list of all the plants I had , how many pots I needed. When I finished at the gym on Wednesday I would go to the GW, find what I could. If I still needed pots I could get some buckets at Walmart . I had bought one there already. Needed it for the rosemary.
When I had my house I planted a small rosemary plant and before I knew it it was a huge bush. I was not going to let this rosemary plant over take the patio.
Here's what my patio looked like, plants just sitting around waiting to get planted.
Wednesday morning came and I was so anxious to get the plants planted I almost skipped the gym. I said almost. I knew the way I had my day planned I could workout for 2 1/2 hours and spend and hour getting the rest of my planting supplies and be home by 12:30 , eat lunch and spend the afternoon planting.
My gym time went as planned, I left the gym at 11:00.
Drove straight to the GW. I was so focused on finding the drainage rack for the container, I didn't bother with a cart. Started to walk straight to the back where they keep odds and ends.
BUT......as long as I was there I might as well check out the shoes. Me and my shoe fetish. I went over to the summer shoe section. Oh, there was a cute pair of turquoise slip on. Only $2.99. I picked them up.
I looked a little more and saw these lime green sandals. You know I ware a lot of green. Goes with my red hair . I tried them on and , since the fit and were only $1.99 , I took them too.
OK I have two pairs of shoes in my hands and I haven't got to the section of the store need to find the drainage rack. Maybe I do need a cart. I start to leave the shoe section when I spot some blue strap wedge's. I try them on, they are $4.99. Blue shoes just fits in with the blue that I am wearing a lot of this summer.
So I have to get them. I go get a cart, and I find a plastic rack that I can use for drainage in my container. I check out the odds and ends looking for anything I might use. Don't find anything else.
On my way to the checkout I spot some royal blue denim pants, seems to be my size, decide to try them on. Get to the dressing room, don't really do anything for me. They are cut a little too low.
When I leave the dressing room, my eye spots a green flowered chiffon, silky summer skirt. It looks so pretty, very summery, and just the color's I like. But it's a skirt, and I never usually ware skirts in the summer.
I ware them in the fall and winter , for then I ware tights and I don't have to worry about my thighs rubbing together.
But then I remember my thighs don't rub together any more since I lost so much weight. I actually have a space between my legs. Maybe I can ware a pretty summer skirt. I decide to try it on. It's size 6 and not sure it will fit.
Before I go to the dressing room , might as well see if there is anything else to try on. That's when I saw this pink print skirt.
took it in to try on too. And just for something sort of neutral I found this brown, flowered skirt.
I went into the dressing room and tried them all on. They all fit. So I decided to get them all. After all I did get my senior discount. And it was time for me to have some frilly more summery clothes.
By this time I was off in my schedule. I got home at 1;45 . I was hungry and Titan need to go out. I decided to take Titan for his walk, we did our mile.
Now its after 2:30 and I have to eat. Plus I have some calls to return and some work to do.
Before I know it it's 3:30. All my good intentions of getting my plants potted are going out the window. And it's because I let my shopping get in the way of my plans.
I looked at my tops when I got home to see what went with what. Not too much.
I have cotton tees but that's not quiet right with the flowered summery skirts.
The brown skirt I have a brown silky tee and beige silk tee top that works great.
I decide since its so late already to get my planting done and it's 40% off day at Value Village I might as well go over and see what I can find to ware with the skirts.
Here's what I found.
This top looks more reddish in the photo but it's a hot pink ,like the flowers in the skirt.
While I was trying to match a top to the green skirt, I discovered that the skirt is reversible. Here's the picture of the other side an the tops I chose for it. You notice it has purple, lavender flowers with a blue and some turquoise. Many options of tops one can ware.
I was lucky to find tee in a blend of polyester and one in a silk.
Since I was there I also found some other tee tops and one smock like top
That one picture is of the six tee tops I bought.
And of course I can't go to a store and not look for more shoes. Here's what I found. Black with cream trim wedges. Light pink sandal and hot pink sandal..
You have to understand for so many years I had two pair of shoes I could fit into and feel safe in due to my disability. A ugly pair of black leather slip on and a equally ugly brown strap sandal. I couldn't bend down to fasten or tie any other kind of shoes. Now I have a wide assortment of shoes to choose from. And with the prices I spend I can afford to have as many as I want.
I spent $25.00 at the GW and $32.00 at Value Village. One of the skirts I bought cost more than that originally, for it was from Ann Taylor.
Later that night as I lay in bed thinking about my day, I felt bad I didn't get my planting done. Even though I was thrilled to find the the skirts and realize that I could ware something like that in the hot summer weather and not worry about my legs rubbing together. I don't want to have to ware nylons in the summer.
But I began to wonder if I had taken on too much, would I get the plants potted.? I had all the right intentions, I just had to not let anything else get in my way of getting it done.
Thursday I went to the gym, had a doctors appointment Then I stopped at the Dollar Store, picked up some buckets to use as planters.
Friday I ran out of potting soil, went got some more. Planted more veggies.
Saturday I got up early and planted for 2 hrs. Went to the gym, After wards I pickup up more soil. Came home and after walking with Titan , I went out and finished up almost all the potting. I still have two hanging baskets to finish. And I bought some strawberry mid season plants ,I will plant tomorrow. Need some hanging basket liners. And a strawberry planter.
I am very happy with what I have accomplished. There was a time, not too long ago that this kind activity was out of the question.
Here's what my patio looks like now with all the pots of herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, summer squash , and flowers.
Today at my water aerobics class I won a hanging basket for Mothers Day for have the most children. I have three. Thought for sure someone would have four or more. I have to get a hook to hang it.
So I started out with the the good intentions . I got distracted for a bit, but I got back on course and carried through with what I intended to do.
We have good intentions in many aspects of our lives. We just have to stay focused and even if we get off course , it doesn't take much to get back on track.
Some of you might have read my announcement about my hand surgery. I am having right hand carpel tunnel surgery on June 1. After that heals in about 6 to 8 weeks I will have reconstructions basel joint surgery on my right hand. That surgery and being in a cast for 6 weeks will be more difficult. Especially for me since I am so active. I am already planning what I can still accomplish in exercise while in a cast. Nothing is going to hold me back from staying in shape and keeping up my exercises.
I want to wish all the women who are mothers a very Happy Mothers Day.
Thought for today, "No one is a failure, failure is a label we stick on our disappointments."
Take care, stay positive.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love all the clothes and the plants. Best of all worlds. LOL.
    3203 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, since I just got home from NJ I am catching up on my blog reading. I really enjoy reading your blogs. You accomplished quite a bit with your flowers and herbs. Your garden looks great! I really like your outfits you put together from GW. Its funny tonight, one of my friend's writes her 6 friends, this is her choosing, and we were talking about budgets, etc and when each one replied, I believe everyone mentioned about how well you do at the GW including myself. We were encouraging her to check it out. Congratulations on winning the hanging basket. I was wondering when your surgery was scheduled. Yes, the cast can be a drawback but I know you will do well because you know what to do and how to work around your exercising when you need too. I hope you have a great start to a new week.
    emoticon emoticon June
    3204 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    This blog is as delightful as you are, Tisha. I have plants just waiting to be planted - thank you for the timely reminder about intentions and lists and plans, in and of themselves, getting us nowhere without the ever important A C T I O N S. You are a doll.
    3206 days ago
    I love the pink skirt! ;) Glad you found some clothing you like - and shoes, too!
    OMG- size 6!! I've been fantasizing about being a size 6.. but not sure it's even possible.. I have wide hips.. so maybe a 10? I don't know.
    3206 days ago
    Love this, and I let myself get side tracked this weekend, back on now. Your garden is lovely as well as your new clothes!
    3210 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8667808
    Tisha, I'm impressed with all you've accomplished in your life, in your weight loss journey and maintenance, in your week and in the day you went to the gym even though you thought about skipping it! The plants are beautiful and so are the clothes, and we all know you deserve lots of beauty:)
    I hope your hand recovers quickly. emoticon

    Thank you for all the wonderful responses on my feed and blogs!
    3210 days ago
    Happy Mothers Day Trisha!
    I hope that you are having a wonderful day,enjoying the beautiful weather and having your children around you.
    Your Blog as always, had me smiling and this time also nodding my head...yes it's easy to be "sidetracked"...happens to me all the time.But at least you had some fun finding all those beautiful clothes! And shoes!!Your patio is going to look lovely,with all the flowers, herbs and veggies emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Best of luck with the hand surgeries!
    3210 days ago
    Love the clothes and shoes...pretty on your feet, but I'd kill myself if I tried to wear anything other than flat shoes (that's true no matter what i weigh!...total klutz). Good job on the plants, shopping and exercise! Love, Jeannie
    3210 days ago
  • JILL313
    Your blogs are always so much fun to read and inspiring at the same time. I would love to plan a container type garden with herbs and veggies. The hardest part, for me, is getting everything together but here it's probably Home Depot or Armstrong Garden Center. It would be such fun to watch them all come up and they don't take much care. You always have such good luck picking out pretty outfits and shoes at GW, etc. It's easier when you are a small size and not a plus size like me. I don't enjoy clothes shopping anymore--and that makes me feel sad. Your Garden looks great in your patio and you literally are going to enjoy the "fruits" of your Labor. I can't believe 3 kids is considered a lot in your exercise group--LOL!


    3210 days ago
    I love the galvanized bucket used as a planter.
    3210 days ago



    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3210 days ago
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