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The last few extremely stressful but interesting weeks! (Photo blog!)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello all! I'm not sure where I really left off here! Even on my busiest days, I normally always find the time to at least log in for my Spark Points, and perhaps update my status, but over the past few weeks I have been MIA. Here's been what's up!

I finished my last final and the semester on May 2nd. It was a tough one as it was my first full-time semester, and I struggled with managing going to school, working part-time, planning the wedding, and buying the house, on top of trying to stay healthy and make time for work outs, free-time, time with family and friends, studying, etc. I finished the semester with 3 A's and 1 C (which was super disappointing to me because it was so close to a B, but as Math is not my strong suit and this is the last Math class I have to take, I sucked it up and moved on quickly!).

The week before finals, my car broke down and I found out it was going to cost around $1,200 to fix. It was disheartening as I had nowhere near that amount saved since we had put everything aside for our down payment on the house which we were closing on on May 1st. I had a renewed sense of hope when I found out that my job offers a program called the Helping Hands Loan where you can borrow money from them at no interest and have installments taken out of each paycheck. I was told not to worry about it by several co workers who had received one in the past; I was told that NO ONE gets denied. Well, I did! Because I only work weekends and make the majority of my money off of my tips, my paychecks are less than impressive, and so the committee who makes these decisions decided I did not qualify.

This was heartbreaking for me, as when I filled out the loan application, I put the reason I needed the loan was specifically to get my car fixed so that I could get back and forth to work (which is 30 minutes from where I live, so carpooling, taking a car, bus, etc. isn't really an option). However, I lucked out when my fiance's amazing Mother offered to loan me $1,000 of the money I needed and have me pay her back in installments at no interest. I am so grateful, I just didn't want to take that option if I could avoid it, because I hate borrowing money from people! I just always fear that even though people say it's okay if you pay them back over time, there will be tension if they see you spend money on going to a movie, etc. when you stil owe them money.

Anyhow, my car is fixed now, finals are over, and I felt that two of my main stressors were gone. I was excited to be closing on our house, and be able to have a month off of school that I could devote to really getting in shape and meeting my goal weight before the wedding. So, we moved into the house! We were very excited! We moved everything over a matter of two days, and while normally we are fast to unpack and get settled, we moved over Friday and Saturday, and I did the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon Saturday. stressor.

I normally only run 2-4 miles at any given time, but can typically jog 5 or 6 without stopping if I really push myself. But with being so busy over the past few months, I hadn't trained AT ALL. My friend and I who were doing it together decided that we would just alternate running and walking for the duration of the race. We finished in 3:30 and felt happy with it, but my feet were killing me at the end and continued to kill me over the next few days. This past Wednesday, after four days of extreme pain, I decided to finally suck it up and go to the Doctor. Turns out I have a minor stress fracture and tendinitis! And while I am aware it is completely my own fault for not training, I was super bummed because this keeps me from working out and my weight has already been yo-yoing like crazy over the past few months.

However, I started a steroid prescription and after only two and a half days, I am feeling worlds better! So I think on Monday I am going to attempt to do Insanity and just cool it on the running for a few weeks.

Last but not least, a few days after moving into our house, our town had a flash flood and extreme hail. Our house is a split level and no one had lived in it for over a year. The inspector apparently did not test the drains outdoors and the gutters hadn't been cleaned in quite some time. And obviously, us having only lived in the house for a few days, hadn't gotten around to them just yet. So, you can guess what happened. We flooded! Our first week in our new house. This was extremely frustrating for us because we had passed on a house we loved and put an offer in on after finding out it was in a flood zone, and this house...was not in a flood zone! We used all the towels and blankets we had in the house and still could not get all the water up. A friend came by and lent us a shop vac and we got all the water up, but our new laminate flooring is now warped and damaged less than a week into living here. :( We also had to pay a plumber almost $300 to come clean the drain, and the same night our washer drain hose also flooded while we were trying to wash the towels and the blankets. The plumber could fix this by updating the drain line but it would have added another $400 so we decided to wait and have my fiance's Dad fix it since we still have our lease on our other house until the end of June, so we can just use the washer there until he has time to fix it.

So, these are my reasons for being MIA! Lol, it's been a giant test of my fiance's and my relationship. I have definitely realized how strong we are and how well we work together. The good news is the house is looking much better now (and we did lots of yard work to ensure that drain stays clear!) and I will post pictures of it as soon as it is decorated and painted! It's unpacked, and set up now, but rather boring looking! We also got our full set of engagement photos back, so I'll post a few of those and a few of the flooding in this blog!

I'm feeling much more positive and on track with my life, stress, and health now. But now you all know where I've been :)

This is a photo of outside our back door, where the drain was extremely clogged and caused all the water from the flash flood to come inside our house.

Our utility closet

Flooding going from our laundry room into our living room, 1/2 bath, and utility closet

And on a good note, I leave you with some of my favorites of our engagement photos!

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  • RUSSELL_40
    As I have gotten older, I learned that stress is like weather. One day it will be stormy, the next sunny. I know what you mean about applying for a loan. I worked on tips as a busboy through high school, and 10 years as apizza driver. It was hard to rent an apt, or buy a trailer, because my yearly pay was $12K even though I made closer to $40K. Helping Hand my a$$! Thanks for the slap in the face, but it didn't help, huh?
    That was super awesome that you future MIL gave you the loan. Your practically family now, with only a month or so till you get married ( congrats btw ).

    Be careful with the stress fracture. My brother had one in his foot, and wouldn't rest, and it got bigger, and more painful till he stopped being so active. Then it healed quickly.

    In the end all your stres turned out to be unnecessary. You finished your finals, and got your car fixed. You had a flood.. but IN YOUR NEW HOUSE! Soon you'll be married.

    So just relax, and when life gets stressful, just wait. Be positive, and life will improve in a week or two. The other option is to go on a roid rage

    Love the pics of you and Ashley( hope I got that right ).. be happy, and have a great day
    2226 days ago
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