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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I had the endoscopy. The doctor that did the last one came in to do this one, and asked me why I was getting it??? And he's my doctor and his clinical nurse specialist is the one that ordered it. And when I told him it was because I am in pain and the meds are not working, and the prilosec gave me osteopenia, (which I just found is the reason why I get stress fractures and they aren't healing)... and then he laughed at me.

I don't know if with my hearing I'm missing something here but it really hurt. And I am also mad. I hate regressing to some overwhelmed inner child at such times, and shutting down, but that is what I did, rather than speak up. I don't know if it was miscommunication or what but it sure wasn't appropriate.

But that just shows how ineffective he is. Not me.

I may try this with the sauerkraut juice. Even though I hate sauerkraut. I can't handle kimchee yet.

It's worth having a go. Good article.

I am in a lot of pain right now. It's actually mostly physical. It hurts clear through my chest and spine and along my diaphram, and my throat is so sore that I am having a huge problem swallowing anything but liquid.

I wish this dang doctor would do his job and would worry about finding a cause and a cure rather than throwing ineffective pills at it that only treat symptoms and that have proven themselves to cause other more serious problems. He's not a very good doctor, but he is the only GI specialist doctor who will take my insurance in this county, (other than the idiots at RRCH who said that I didn't have gastritis at all, a couple of days before I ended up in the ER throwing up blood), and I am stuck in the county due to the new regulations.

1- (Exercise) I did quite a bit of walking in the hospital. Other than that, nothing. No rebounder today, either. My leg where the stress fracture is, is still sore.

2- (Menu) Ate very little so far. I'm pretty much back to basics.

3- As for how I am. Depressed. A really lovely mother's day card from Noel helped lift my spirits a bit, though. Thanks to you, Noel, and all of you. The support really helps get us through.

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    emoticon May you find healing. emoticon
    2533 days ago
    I feel for you Sue, it's bad enough being ill without some stupid doctor making you feel worse.
    I was lucky when I was ill, a very caring compassionate doctor and all our treatment is free too.
    So glad the Mother's Day card helped you through. (((hugs))) (my emoticon won't work!!)
    2534 days ago
    I'm sorry I didn't read this post first. What an asshat that Dr. It is so discouraging when people act like that. May he get a raging case of hemorrhoids.
    2534 days ago
  • JILL313
    I know with your insurance you have to go to certain Dr's and it's also true for many people. Unfortunately, it's not the best Drs you get but ones that are usually not very caring and money-hungry--true and very unfortunate. I'm fairly meek myself but that would have made me angry enough that I would have asked him, "What are You LOL at"! You are right he is 100% a Jerk!


    2534 days ago
    THat doctor sucks,I am so sorry.I had an ER doctor that totally didn't diagnose,long story longg! Anyway,I saw this choice word ER doctor again and he said "You are to young to have heart disease" and I wanted to punch the choice word in the place where it would drop him to his knees,because he is the reason I had the heart disease in the first place.I did not and now I am sorry I didn't.Girl,don't allow this BS,if he does it to you,he will continue to do to others.What is up with that? Why do these doctors do this and have such arrogance? I am sorry you are in pain,make some phone calls and call the insurance company and tell them what happened.Stand Up for YOUrself,or Fall for Anything.I hope you get resolve and feel better,take care friend! emoticon Diana
    2534 days ago
    Sue, I am so sorry that you are suffering so! I wish there was something that we all could do for you. I know prayers bring miracles and we sure have been praying for you.
    I don't know what the heck was wrong with the doctor, that had him laughing. What an idiot. I agree with Gayllyane. Maybe you could call to see if there is any doctor that would actually care enough to take care of you for little or no fee. They say that if you have a bill, you can send $5 a month and they can't harass you about it.
    I'm glad my card made you feel a little better. Love you! Noel
    2534 days ago
    Oh Sue...I am mad with you! And that would have been the way I reacted...that inner kid..shutting down...not able to raise my voice and correct and berate that obviously learned but stupid man.

    Hope the test can detect a reason, so that they can come up with a cure, or relief.

    Other than that, Hope you have a nice Mothers Day. emoticon
    2535 days ago
    I am angry at the doctor too!!!!
    I wonder if they even read all the stuff they make us fill out and consider how one drug interacts with others and our other conditions.
    2535 days ago
  • WILSON425
    2535 days ago
    I am so sorry you are going through this. I had the exact same symptoms and also had an endoscopy. It showed all kinds of things I won't get into but have been on meds for the better part of a year now. Yes, they do affect your bones so you must take calcium all the time. I wish you could find a more competent Dr. It to several times to the Dr. to get the meds right! Hang in there. Try calling a better Dr, tell them your problem and see if they have a reduced rate for people not in their plan. Sometimes they will do that for you!! Good Luck!!
    2535 days ago
    emoticon I hear you. I'm stinkin' mad, too! @#$%^&*()!!!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2535 days ago
    So sorry you're going through all of this! emoticon Glad the card helped. It doesn't take a lot, just knowing our kids care.

    2535 days ago
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