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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I was put back on my blood pressure pills today. My Bp was 160/110 last week so the doctor wrote me a prescription right away. Why do I have this problem? I am only 26. I just can't kick this. My boyfriend eats terribly and every time he gets his checked it is 120/77. Why can't I be normal? I thought if I quit smoking it would go down.
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    Hey Mel :)

    Sorry that you've been put back on the BP meds.

    Have you ever had an automatic BP cuff that you take home with you and wear for a few days as you go about your normal life?

    I was wondering because my DH has what we call "white coat syndrome" - he's very healthy but anything to do with the medical profession scares him silly!

    Every time he gets his BP taken by a doc or nurse it's high. They wait 10 mins, try again and it's higher. Not good when our visa app was dependant on his good health.

    Eventually, someone sorted him out with a BP cuff that recorded the measurements and it was obvious that his BP was in fact perfectly healthy.

    Perhaps something worth considering, especially if you're anxious about how your BP will measure when you go for the test.

    Also, rushing to get there, stress, anxiety, coffee and the regular drinking of alcohol can all have a temporary effect on your BP.

    You WILL get to the bottom of it and get back on track - just need more confidence in your own abilities and choices.

    Take care
    2216 days ago
    Mine is not weight related either I was 22 when I was put on bp pills unfortunately I take after my grandma she is almost 80 and n 4 pills for hers. stress and stuff and anxiety add to it. Hope you feel better soon miss you lots.Mike is the same way he eats so much crap and never has BP problems.
    2220 days ago
  • CLADY326
    I am sorry to hear that you are having such a dilemna with your BP. You have been given alot of great ideas of ways to lower you BP without prescriptions. Hopefully you will get some resolve to this issue soon.

    Hugs, Anna
    2224 days ago
    I developed it at an early age as well. Mine finally went down when I went low carb and when I stay on it my B.P. stays down.
    2227 days ago
    Blood pressure medication is one of the reasons there are more people living today. Be thankful you live in a time where these medications are available. The alternatives are much worse than having to take a pill every day.

    Find the JOY!
    2227 days ago
    Stress, anxiety, food & drink.. a lot of things contribute.. family predisposition to the condition. The salt thing.. well.. truth is it may be less about the sodium than it is about the chloride that is associated with sodium.. try switching all the salt in the house to organic sea salt. Might help, lots and lots of water more SLEEP Miss! And most definitely the breathing techniques and give yoga a shot too. Don't -worry- about it, get it back down to normal, and continue trying to figure out how you can keep it down. That's not to say don't think about it, just don't STRESS and make it work. It will work itself out.
    2228 days ago
    2229 days ago
    I agree with what the other ladies said. Anxiety will raise bp. Exercise and less salt will lower bp. Also, do you have your own quality bp measuring machine? It would be good to find out if the bp are high only in the MD office, called white coat high bp. Plus, you do have your young age on your side, try a meditation cd, cut back on coffee if you indulge in it. Drink your water too.
    Hey, we miss you on the chihuahua dog lovers team. Havent heard from you in a while. We would love to hear from you more often.
    2230 days ago
    I agree with Suzanne. My HBP turned out not to be a weight thing. I suffer from anxiety. I've lost close to 100 lbs and my BP actually went higher because my anxiety level has went up. LOTS of family drama. I am now trying to learn to relax and let things go. In other words drop the rope! Something I am not good at. Nevertheless I am doing what I can. Hang in there! Do what you can. As Suzanne said, you have your age on your side. emoticon
    2230 days ago
    Do you suffer from anxiety? If so that could be the cause. Also, for me, I've taken to taking time (5min or so) a few times a day to sit quietly and get into my body, feel the energy coursing and taking long deep breaths. I can feel my heart rate slow right down. Take time to relax and get a BP monitor. Also I have found that eating yogurt/plain... lowers my BP. I think it's the potassium in it. Hope this was helpful. "Why me" won't help. Getting understanding will. There are many ways to lower BP naturally without the side effects of drugs. Exercise is a HUGE one. I wish you well. You are young and can recover quickly.

    2230 days ago
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