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Come on a little close ... i have a secret to tell you

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Friday, May 11, 2012

* finger curled motioning you closer
* this is important so come on a little closer

What i am about to tell you will shock you and for that well I can not applogize for but hopefully you will understand. Last night during a conversation with my son it happened something I dearly hate ... He knows this because before he says that horrible thing he says " no offense mom" ( in my head i am screaming no dont say it ) then he says it ... She is your size she is big like you ... he keeps trying to clean up to make it sound better ... I said oh stop it ... you mean she is "fat" he said well yea i am sorry i shouldnt say that mom ... I said i understand However come here and let me let you in on a secret " i am not fat " Oh i no the horror right there i am weighing 309.6 and I dare say " i am not Fat" ... So here let me let you in on this secret ....

I am the product of two wonderful parents
I am the sister two a wonderful brother
I am a wife to at most times a good man
I am the parent of two great sons
I am the grand mother two awesome grandsons
I am smart
I am funny
I am a fighter
I am a survivor
I am honorable
I am honest
I am a good friend
I am a force to be reckoned with
I am a b*tch ( only when pushed that way)
I am a respectable member of society
I am caring
I am trusting
I am so much more than most will ever see because all you see is that i am fat ... here is the secret .... I am not fat my body is fat ... there is no government index that measures me .. I am the only one that defines who i am not the world ... My body weighs 309.6 but who I am weighs so much more than that and that I will never lose . now just to be fair I will tell you the last thing that i told him about who i am ... I am one perpetual eye roll from unleashing more attitude on you than you will ever want to see ... So the next time you want to compare somebody to me make sure they truly live up to who I am .... I dont buy into the whole say something nice about yourself or self praise however sometimes the world needs to do as I do and look past the numbers that flash on a scale...
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