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Exercise Excuse #3: I'm Too Heavy - SHATTERED

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Friday, May 11, 2012

I've previously mentioned that I started C25K last month just walking the intervals, thinking that I was too heavy to actually do the running sections and that I'd eventually be able to run when I'd lost about 20 or 30 lbs.

But then I began to read all sorts of stories about people that have run entire 5K races at 230 lbs or started their running at over 300 lbs...people who have now lost close to 100 lbs.

Exercise Excuse #3: I'm Too Heavy To Work Out

Not true. I'm here to share two very important breakthroughs that I had JUST a couple hours ago...this very morning.

I started running (for real, doing the running intervals of C25K) two weeks ago. Yes...as in...14 days ago. It was super tough. The first week, I was struggling through those runs...having trouble finding my breathing rhythm, only able to barely run 1.5 minute increments, etc. As I have done a few more runs, though, the running intervals have felt easier. Progress.

A few days ago, I decided that C25K was progressing a bit too slowly for me. I honestly felt I could safely go further and do more than the program was allowing me to do. So, I checked in with my trainer and we decided I could just cautiously TRY to do a run all on my own without the program to see where my boundaries are.

I found I was able to do 2.86 miles with much more running mixed in than C25K was allowing. This was a huge deal for me...and so I ditched C25K for good and decided to just listen to my own body. And, make no mistake, with my past injuries...I am hyperaware of my body and I will respect any hints of pain or weakness! I'm not an idiot! However, when I got home, mapped my run and realized that I had come SO close to the length of a 5K, I got a little idea in my brain.

After two days of rest from running, I woke up bright and early at 6am this morning and hit the pavement. Oh man, you guys...I did NOT want to do this run!!! But I have promised myself health and so much more...and I WILL NOT break my promise.

So, are you ready for the two humongous breakthroughs???

1. I did a full 5K in one hour. And, the best part is...most of it was running! Just a few walking intervals. But running actually felt better than walking!

Are you understanding this? I am 238 lbs and, after two weeks of running, I ran 3.1 miles this morning...before most of my part of the world even got out of bed or went to work!

2. Perhaps more exciting for me was something else completely unexpected.

Somewhere in the middle of that run, my body slipped into its "perfect run". I have a hard time articulating this, but basically...I stopped overanalyzing, stopped thinking about pain, stopped trying so hard and relaxed and it was like my body took over and settled into what IT wanted to do. There's a certain pace, a certain set of the shoulders, a positioning of the legs, a certain pattern of breathing that is just natural and calm and it drives you forward effortlessly. It's like finally getting into a groove that doesn't involve struggle. This is what keeps a runner going through the long races. And, truthfully...when I hit that place, it really WAS more comfortable running than walking. When I realized this had happened, I was just bursting with joy.

For the last quarter mile, I sobbed. With joy...with pride...with sadness. So many emotions just flooded from my heart.

I can't believe I did it.
I didn't know I had this in me.
I wish I could tell Aunt Lois. She'd be so proud! (grief)
I'm so thankful for all my fitness inspirations.
I did this myself, yet I rode on the backs of so many amazing people...thinking of them really got me through this run.
I love myself.
I feel like I'm flying.
I can do anything!
I feel beautiful.

I can do anything...and I can do it RIGHT NOW...at this weight.

Exercise Excuse #3: I'm Too Heavy To Work Out - SHATTERED!

UPDATE: If you enjoyed this blog about the "rewards" of running, I encourage you to read my next entry, which takes a little more detailed look at the risks. As in life, balance is a great thing and keeps us healthy. Spark on, friends!!!!
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