My biggest demotivator? Other people.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So, today was a nice day, so I decided to go jogging outside. I usually run at my school's gym, but we're in between semesters this month, so I had nowhere else I could go.

Well, about ten minutes into my run I passed by a house that had a handful of teenagers sitting on the porch, and I could see them watch me, dead silent. As soon as I passed, I heard then suddenly start laughing really loudly. I glanced behind me, and they were still watching me. When I turned the corner and was out of sight I did a quick check - nothing was hanging out, no embarrassing sweat stains... I can only come to the conclusion that they were laughing at a heavy girl running.

That's pretty much ruined my day - I feel mortified, and like it's just not worth it. Like I should just go home where it's nice and safe and just stick to the basic exercises I have been doing.

I hate feeling like this - like some kids opinion is greater than my own self-worth. Part of me wants to toss them a mental middle finger and to keep on keeping on: I'm getting healthier, I'm losing weight, so WHAT if they're jerks, I'm doing what *I* want to do! The other part of me wants to go to bed and wake up when tomorrow comes.
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    What if one of the kids just told a really funny joke that had nothing to do with you? Is this possible?

    We tend to hear and experience things in based on many assumption, when in fact, there are many other spins that could be put on them. I find it useful, particularly when the consequence for me be wrong are minimal to spin things in ways that leave me feeling good, happy, and experienceing others in possitive ways.

    Given that you can not know if they were laughing at you, at a joke or just because they are have some kind of psychological disorder that causes them to burst out laughing at odd times, why not assume that it had nothing to do with you and just keep running and enjoying your day?
    2183 days ago
    I understand the feeling of having those kids look at you... but only you can allow them to affect you in such a way. I have been in your shoes, still not a size 6 here ( 16), but i was very very aware of how I looked in my compression shorts, after using them only at night when others could not see me, I just decided...I am gonna do this, dont care what others think. emoticon emoticon
    2202 days ago
    I would be inclined to be tossing them HEAPS of mental middle fingers - LOL! Don't worry - YOU will be the one having the last laugh! You are doing this for you; you are bettering yourself - they are belittling THEMselves, IF in fact they were laughing at you!! It IS possible that it could have been purely coincidental!

    Best wishes go out to you and I am sure that in no time at all you will be seeing good rewards for your hard work. JUST make sure that you replace your clothes as you lose, because I have had the misfortune of having lost my trou when I stood up for the Dietitian to measure me. NO help was given for that - I merely stood up. My daughter, not wishing to outdo her mother, lost more than her trou - they took her knickers down with them. Only thing is, she wasn't in the privacy of 4 walls - NO - she was OUTSIDE on her walk - LOL!

    Kris xx
    2202 days ago
    I would not allow that to stop me from going out and enjoying the nice weather. When I go out for a run I'm can care less what other people are think about me, it's your health and you have made the decision to do something for the better. I remember when I was jogging uphill and my eyes felt like they where about to bug out of my sockets, and I happen to look to my left and someone in the neighborhood that I didn't even know was giving me a thumb up. I returned the emoticon . It was a positive reinforcement for me to complete my run. So, keep on running and enjoy every moment that your improving each time you go. Just remember you are inspiring someone out there even if you don't know it. emoticon emoticon
    2203 days ago
    I agree do not give them the power to ruin your day. They are just being mean. Keep running you deserve it. emoticon
    2203 days ago
    Firstly they are not you and you know what i would keep running that route, then over time they will see why your doing this.. for YOU.
    And flip them the mental middle finger thats all they deserve they dont deserve the right to be able to derail you through their teenage nastiness
    We all have influences that demotivate us and motivate us. My biggest motivator was at a novice swimming competition my daughter swam at, these awful children were discussing how i looked like a beached whale, and my daughter came over to me mortified almost in tears and told me what they were saying, i had to let the sting of what they said bounce off me, as i smiled at my daughter and told her i didnt care what they said about me, as i was there to swim with her.
    That day and a picture i have seen from that day have motivated me more than i have ever been motivated before. Next year when i swim there with my daughter.. i hope to look a whole heap better
    2203 days ago
    Good for you to be exercising. Forget them. Some day It will be them who are trying to lose weight and karma is going to bite back!

    Keep up the great job and have a great day!
    2203 days ago
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