so frustrated

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today I really want to throw my scales out the window and give up. Iv platoed and stuck at beginning weight. emoticon
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    it will happen .... you have lost weight already ... you are doing great !! Roc
    2717 days ago
    I feel your pain there are days I want ot chuck that darn scale myself the scale isn't the only way ot judge how you are doing may i suggest that you pull out the trusty tape measure and start measuring yourself and see how well you are doing that way Our weight fluctuates every day In the beginning it may be best to only weigh yourself once ever two weeks

    Hang tight emoticon
    2719 days ago
    I agree - chuck the scale. It's only ONE tool, and it's not even the best or most accurate tool to judge fat loss. There are a lot of things that influence your scale weight, and your scale weight can fluctuate 3-7lbs per day, per week, per month based on stuff that has nothing to do with losing or gaining BODY FAT.

    Examples of things that make the scale go up and down WITHOUT meaning you GAINED or LOST actual BODY FAT:

    intense exercise, especially strength training - this makes the scale go up due to water and blood shifting within the muscle. It's normal and it's not a fat gain.

    constipation/irregular bowel movements - even your body waste has a weight because everything inside you is affected by gravity.

    normal fluid and hormone shifts - your body has bioryhthms related to menstruation, sleep/wake cycles, etc. Your hormones and body fluids will shift in response to these rhythms, and that can make the scale go up. Not a fat gain.

    Eating fiber, drinking water - because everything is affected by gravity, these two heavy elements will have great weight inside you as well. Fiber can also cause bloating. Not fat gain.

    Too much stress/too little sleep – can make things stop because your body perceives crisis. When the body perceives crisis, it secretes more cortisol which tells the body not to burn fat, but to store it.

    eating too much sodium, eating processed and packaged foods - causes water retention leading to a gain on the scale. Not fat.

    Any change to diet or exercise program - makes the scale go up as your body tries to work out these changes. Not fat gain.

    Remember that to gain one pound of fat - ONE POUND - you'd have to eat 3500 calories ABOVE your weight maintenance calorie level. Meaning, if you maintain your present weight at 2000 calories a day, you'd have to eat 5500 calories to gain just ONE POUND of body fat.

    If you know you didn't over eat, then you know you didn't gain body fat. It's fluctuation and nothing more. It will work out.

    Keep track of your measurements - they don't lie the way the scale does. If your measurements shrink, you're losing fat no matter what the scale says.

    See, people say they want to lose "weight" but what they mean is that they want to lose fat. They don't want to jiggle and they want to look better naked. This has almost NOTHING to do with the scale. What it has to do with is BODY FAT.

    Track your measurements, take photos of yourself every 2 weeks, and if you have a pair of jeans that are too small, get them out. Hang them on your bedroom door. Try them on every 10days to 2 weeks. If you can fit in a little mroe each time, you are losing fat no matter what the scale says.

    Look at it this way - if I told you I could knock 20lbs off your scale weight in about 10 minutes, you'd be really interested right? Ok, so I cut off your leg. BANG, you've lost 20lbs off the scale. Did you lose any fat? Nope, everything that jiggled before still jiggles. You didn't lose fat.

    Focus on losing fat. That's done with eating healthy in a calorie deficit, doing strength training AT LEAST 2x per week, and doing cardio.

    The scale is just the pull of gravity on your body in that moment. IT doesn't measure your body fat percentage, it doesn't measure how you look naked or in your bathing suit, it doesn't measure how fast you can run or how much weight you can lift. Just gravity.

    2719 days ago
    It really is frustrating but don't give up. Just stick to what you are doing. Whatever you do though DON'T EAT LESS! You'll only hurt yourself by doing that. If anything eat more fresh veggies and lean protein and add 10 minutes of exercise or so to your routine each day. Eventually you'll get over the hump.

    Also make sure you're taking your measurements. Just because you're not losing weight doesn't mean you aren't losing inches. There have been many times when I hit a plateau in weight but I still saw small changes in my measurements.
    2719 days ago
    I feel your pain. I got stuck for a while and it really did get frustrating. I would work out harder, eat less with the same result. Keep tracking, it will happen. Muscle weighs more than fat as my hubby likes to remind me. You can do it -- stick with it!
    2719 days ago
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