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Why I as a Diabetic can not eat unlimited amounts of fruit.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I am a Diabetic, type 2 to be exact. I would like to think that most of you out there would view the American Diabetic Association as a reliable source as advice for a Diabetic. The American Diabetic Association as well as my personal doctor recommends that 1 serving of carbs which fruit is a carb is 15 grams. That your daily intake should be 45 to 60 grams a day. Check out this link for some sample ideas.

I did not see 30 bananas a day, a whole watermelon, or even a whole cantaloupe which is pretty low on the glycemic index. I am being proactive for my diabetes and proactive to my fellow Sparkers in blogging about the 80/10/10 Diet in a previous blog. Let’s just say I am on certain people’s “list” because they feel I am misleading my fellow Sparkers in regards to the 80/10/10.

The Mayo Clinic, pretty impressive source I think says the same thing about fruit servings. In fact they said ½ medium banana is considered one serving. Still no thirty bananas.

Why am I fixated on 30 bananas? There is actually a website out there that promotes this crazy way of eating in MY opinion. You aren't even allowed to join their website if and I quote "Please note: We will not tolerate "anti-fruit" posts or advice that recommends calorie restriction/or the suggestion that others are "overeating on fruit". Shouldn't that be your 1st warning of danger?

If ate excess servings of fruit I would lapse into a Diabetic Coma. A diabetic coma is a life-threatening diabetes complication that causes unconsciousness. If you have diabetes, dangerously high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or dangerously low blood sugar (hypoglycemia, either of which) can lead to a diabetic coma.

Of course I am going to blog so this important message gets out there. Fruit is not your best friend if you are a Diabetic. A friend perhaps because normal servings or consumption is perfectly healthy it is when one gets obsessive in that consumption where the problems lie.

“People with Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes need to be aware that fruit is a carbohydrate that should be consumed as part of meal plan, says the American Diabetes Association. The natural sugars in fruit break down into glucose when digested, and like pasta, desserts and other carbohydrate-rich foods, raise blood glucose levels after eaten. Unmoderated fruit intake can result in hyperglycemia or high blood glucose levels if eaten to excess. If you have Type 2 diabetes, consult with a certified diabetes educator for personalized guidelines on daily fruit intake.”

Read more:

“Some fruitarians take a more balanced approach and eat lots of less sweet, seed-bearing fruits like tomatoes and zucchini. They also eat plenty of greens like romaine lettuce.

Regardless of which approach is taken, I have not met a single strict fruitarian of more than two years who didn't have significant health challenges. The most common challenges are dental decay, osteoporosis, wasting of muscle tissue, inability to maintain a healthy weight, chronic fatigue, skin problems, thinning hair, weakening nails, and excessive irritability.

Some of these problems are the result of nutritional deficiencies. The most common deficiencies that I know of in this population are vitamins B12, A*, D, zinc, and certain essential fatty acids.”

“A recently-published study in which the relationship between the consumption of green vegetables, whole fruit and fruit juice and risk of diabetes was assessed in more than 73,000 women over a period of 18 years.”

Now if you have been following my blogs as many of you do know that I am following a Raw Food Diet. I am doing so to get my Diabetes in control and I want to get off my meds. I first got into Raw when my sister was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphoma. I had been reading about Raw and Cancer. During all of my research I also learned about Dr. Gabriel Cousens. He is the Director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. He is known for his reversing Diabetes in 30 days with following a 100% Raw Food Diet. That is my motivation for Raw. There is an excellent documentary out there called Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. It is a documentary is an independent documentary film that chronicles six Americans with 'incurable' diabetes switching their diet and getting off insulin. I am lucky that I have needed insulin. What I want is to get off my Metformin, the drug I take for my Diabetes.

If you do nothing else and don’t go to any of the other links please click on this one and watch this short 9 minute Youtube: Is a 100% Fruit Diet Healthy ? by Dr. Gabriel Cousens:

Still stand by what I blog. Stand by that each person needs to do their own homework as well. Each person's body is different as well as their needs. Everyone has different medical issues. emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great Information! Thanks for posting it. I am lucky not to have a problem with my sugar but worry about it cause it runs in my family. I know I eat too much fruit at times, especially watermelon and banana. I'm gonna check out the links you posted. Thanks again for posting them.

    And for those that have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything. If they don't agree then they shouldn't read your blogs or if they have a comment then they should say it nicely. We don't all have to agree on everything and we don't but that doesn't mean you have to be hateful about it.

    Keep up the good work off informing us with important matters.
    2227 days ago
    Great blog!

    I do not have diabetes nor want to have it so I know what I need to do to avoid getting.

    My Sister and my grandmother have/had it.

    Thanks for your care and concern for people and your followers.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2231 days ago

    I learnt a long time ago to use my own common sense and let the diets stay with other people. If I want to loose weight I cut my portions and leave out whatever is bad for me. Stay healthy and happy and enjoy life. God bless you always.

    Smile Joyce
    2232 days ago
    Thanks for all the information. It was great for me since I too am diabetic.
    2232 days ago
  • LGAR519
    It crushed me when I was diagnosed with hyperglycemia. Having only 3 servings of fruit daily is rough. I could eat much more!
    2232 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    Thanks for this great reminder....
    we all all need to hear!!!
    blessings and hugs...........lita
    2232 days ago
    Thanks for this blog. I followed your links and was appalled at the nutritional ignorance that is spread on the 30 bananas a day site - 3000 calories a day!!!! Unlimited fruit will definitely cause severe health issues for diabetics. I used to love my fruit but i know that it was silently causing medical issues for my body.

    I have been able to turn my diabetes around to now be completely medication free by following a diet based on healthy fish, chicken, lean meats, a great variety of vegetables and limited fruits. I now have learned just what is needed by my own body to stay healthy through years of experimentation and self education.

    I agree that there is no one size fits all when it comes to diet, but to function correctly, EVERY body needs to take in a wide range of nutrients to meet our fuel, growth, repair and regulation requirements.

    You are doing a great job in raising our awareness of the craziness of some of the 'advice' out there!

    Good luck in your quest to become medication free.
    2232 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    The people on that site are terrible.

    They invaded another message board I use as we where discussing the health risks of gorging on fruit, and they where totally obnoxious, to the extent they hacked the site!

    Seems too much fruit fries your brain as well!
    2232 days ago
    2232 days ago
    Great blog. I'm going to check out the links later as I have to get ready for work.
    Thank you.
    2232 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    Very good information provided here on your blog.
    I have a diabetic family; all my sibling ALL, and my only living parent. You bet I watch what I eat and do.
    I hold my breath each time my phone rings from back home, wondering which one has what now happening to them.
    I live loving people that are dying because of their wrong choices. This hurts like hell and I feel helpless. By empowering myself I can help.
    Thank You Yvonne!
    2232 days ago
    One thing helpful in eating fruit is to combine it with some protein food such as cheese, peanut butter, nuts/seeds. Maybe the fat is also helpful. But the combination slows down absorption enough so the blood sugar doesn't get such a hit. And it's so tasty... :)
    2232 days ago
    Thank you for such an informative blog Yvonne. DH is type 2 and has a healthy diet now but we're both aware of fruit sugars and their possible effects.
    All diabetics should read this well thought out blog emoticon
    2232 days ago
    My Mom is a type 2 diabetic and since I grew up eating like a diabetic, you can't have unlimited amounts of anything especially fruit. She would end up with high sugars that day and that is a no, no! Thanks for bringing awareness to people with your blogs. You're doing a great job Yvonne! emoticon
    2232 days ago
    Unlimited anything is going to cause ANYONE problems. There is no such thing as FREE FOODS. Thanks for another important and informative blog.
    2233 days ago
    I'm not diabetic but I can't eat unlimited amounts of fruit. Or anything else. Not if I want to keep this weight off.

    2233 days ago
  • YIWEN39
    "Everything in moderation, especially moderation" - David Wolfe
    When a friend of mine was pregnant, she was told to cut down on fruits because her blood glucose levels were too high... At the time, I was surprised to hear that fruits could do that but hey... fructose is glucose!
    Thanks for always encouraging us to DO OUR HOMEWORK ;-)
    2233 days ago
    DIABETES KILLS people dead! We can lose limbs, our minds, we have symptoms like alcoholics when our sugar is out of control, we tremor, and depression can occur. So, it is best to be informed, aware, dedicated to reversing this disease!!

    Yes, we have to remember that tomatoes, zuke, cukes, avocados, are really fruit. Thank you for the reminder - and I do hope that someone who needs this, will see it , because it will save someone's life.
    2233 days ago
    This is true... you've found what works for you, and advice for others who are interested in following this path.

    2233 days ago
    I, too, have that DVD about reversing diabetes and it is awesome! Although I do not have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, I would love to go to a "farm" to eat raw and get healthy for 30 days. I'm sure there are some, but know it wouldn't be something I could afford.

    2233 days ago
  • BHODGES865
    I too am Type 2 diabetic and I do know that fruit, especially certain ones, are very high in sugar and should be limited. If we has type 2 would stick to lean meats and veggies, we would be much better off. But what fun is that, right? I do have a small amount of carb each day. We do get enough carbs through all other foods to not "need" a carb (rice, pasta, potato, etc).
    2233 days ago
    One thing I keep thinking is how important it is to listen to our own bodies. Every body is different and there is certainly no "one diet fits all" out there.
    2233 days ago
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