Who am I, anyway? (A birthday reflection)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Today is my 38th birthday, and this morning while I was working out I was reflecting about my life, something I typically do on birthdays.

Where did I come from?
Well, my past wasn't always pretty. Divorced parents, depressed mom, crappy houses, no utilities, at times living in cars & shelters, jailed mom and step dad, foster care, leaving high school, sick mom, taking care of all my brothers and even being a mom for my newborn baby sister...

Things were not always bad! Foster care was the best thing for me: I had stability, I gained moral values, I received a decent education. After being sent back home, struggling with school, and eventually leaving, I went back to school on my own, worked hard, and raised my grades so I could earn several scholarships and go to college. I didn't earn a college degree, but that is another story. After leaving college, I worked a job where I met my my husband, who is still my best friend! As an adult I establised a positive relationship with my birth dad. Before I became I stay at home mom, I worked a decent job at a large bank.

My past can be described as quite an interesting blend of learning experiences. It made me who I am today.

So where am I now in life?
I love who I am right now. I am aging gracefully. I am healthier than I was in high school. I am wiser every year. I vote, I contribute to my local community, I volunteer. My mom still struggles to the point that I am raising my teen sister. I married well and have a terrific family.
Despite the tough economy, my husband works a solid job, we are homeowners, we have savings, we have a decent vehicle... life is good!

So who am I?
What I care about makes me who I am! Nature, Family, God, Music, Reading, Writing, Singing, Volunteer work, Exercise, Goals, Cooking, Home, and even our family dog. My husband would probably describe me as caring and pretty, my sister would say that I am funny and silly, my 10 year old son would say I am cuddly and warm, my friends would say I am 'random' since you never know what I am going to talk about...

As I reach another birthday milestone, I am pretty proud of who I am. I have grown up to become an amazing person!

ONE MORE THING: Traditionally I spend my birthday doing whatever I really want to do. I am not always able to get the day off, but most years, I enjoy taking extra time to enjoy myself. TODAY It all worked out. One hour of Cardio, outside time to enjoy to nice weather, play with the dog, go shopping for something just for me, visit husband at work during lunch, delicious favorite dinner currently cooking in the crockpot, and I just purchased my ice cream birthday cake (half price from dairy queen, great deal!)

Today is my 38th birthday, and I am very proud of the fact that I am healthy, happy, and blessed!
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