Tough Love

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I need to practice some on myself. I weighed in this morning, and the news was not good. The last few weigh ins, the number just goes up instead of down. I really didn't think I'd be sitting here, having to lose 10 lbs. Not 5, but 10, to get back to goal weight. If I float a few lbs away from my goal doesn't bother me. But 10 lbs changes how my clothes fit. I will not buy other clothes to make this acceptable. It has been giving me anxiety problems, that this is happening. As a captain of a team, it isn't how I should be handling things. Work load has gone nothing but up.

The things I need to do:

- Exercise daily - Back to the basics. If I just moved myself, then I'd be in the Calories In Calories Out (CICO) mode. Even I am in a lot of meetings, as I have been lately, I could keep my dumbbells and leg weights near me and make sure I do my daily strength work. Then, if I can fit in my cardio, then I am that much better for it.

- Drink less wine - This is my crutch, and there are calories there that I don't mentally track. If I went on a complete sabbatical from would be interesting to see what the scale did.

- Drink my water, and mostly water. I haven't been drinking sugary drinks and such, but I have had more coffee and that doesn't help me.

I need to hit this reset button and make changes. Just to see a better number on the scale next week would help me to know I am going to get back to the zone I need to be in.
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