The penis cupcake in my fridge and how things are changing.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

First, let me explain about the cupcake. I teach human sexuality. This is the part of the semester where my students are doing their end of semester presentations. They often take the form of games, where students give out candy or baked goods as prizes. Human Sexuality + Baked Goods = Penis Cupcakes. EVERY SEMESTER.

It is sort of hilarious - my students always think it is soooo scandalous, and that they are the first to be brave enough to do it. I just think it is cute. I do have to say that last year, one group used those little chocolate jimmies for pubic hair, and well, I'll never look at those sprinkles the same way again.

So, about that cupcake. One group yesterday made these awesome looking chocolate cupcakes with hand molded chocolate penises on top. They looked amazingly good, and the group gave me one. It sat on my desk during the rest of the presentations, and all through the next class. I carried it back to my office afterward. It sat on my desk all day, and before I left, I put it in my office fridge. It is still there. I'm NOT eating that cupcake.

I'm using it as a test of wills. It is right there, waiting for me, but I'm going to beat it. I'll let you know how it goes.

So here is the thing. I'm not logging at the moment. I'm losing more than I was when I was logging my food. I think it boils down to this: I was getting lazy about logging, so I kept eating the same things for breakfast and lunch, so I wouldn't have to calculate calories or work hard to find foods. My serving sizes were getting bigger...

When I first started SP, the only things that kept me going were messages from sparkfriends and all the points I could earn by logging everything. I was amazingly competitive, and that outer motivation was what got me moving in the right direction. Now though, I'm loving eating right, I'm loving working out, and I don't really feel like I need to earn points to do those things. It is weird. I switched from external to internal motivation. That isn't supposed to happen.

So, now, the things keeping me going are you guys, and the feeling that I have each day when I slide into smaller clothes, lunge down to get something, or when I fondle my own muscles. I don't need the points right now, but if I do, they are here, waiting for me.

Just like that penis cupcake.
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    Very late to your post. Thanks for the laugh!

    Maybe you could post a *link* to a photo of the penis cupcake to satisfy the curiosity/silly senses of humor of what, to me, looks like a quorum of your readers?

    At any rate, I'm inspired to hear that you once looked to SP to motivate you to meet your eating goals. I love to work out (and I love Chalene Johnson--THANK YOU!!!), but really, it's the SP-challenges that move me forward with my eating goals. I absolutely need those external motivators, still.
    One day, I'll get there, too!

    2536 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/14/2012 3:49:57 PM
    I'm late to the game. Miss one day of spark blogs and look what happens.

    1. I wanted a picture. You could edit your blog and post a notice in your status so we can come back and laugh.

    2. I have some things to get done tonight, and I' was scanning the friend feed. I HAD to read this blog. How often does one see "penis" on SparkPeople

    3. Like YDAVIS, I was totally entertained that you used "penis" and "fondle" in the same post. Juvenile? Perhaps. But really, this is SparkPeople. Not the most salacious website.

    4. Totally digging the internal locus of control. Way more powerful motivator.

    2541 days ago
    That's funny!

    2542 days ago
  • YDAVIS23
    I love that you used the words penis and fondle in the same blog :) I want to take your class! And congrats on all that intrinsic motivation - you're amazing!
    2542 days ago
    I got some education too. Thanks for sharing.
    2542 days ago
    I'm glad I am not the only one who scrolled through looking for the picture. Haha!

    p.s. thank you for teaching human sexuality. It is not a job that just anyone can do, but it is so very important that young people have someone that can answer really important questions that will keep them safe and healthy. You are someone that improves other people's lives, and that makes you a hero. : )
    2542 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/8/2012 5:35:17 PM
  • no profile photo GARBLEDEEGOOK
    Internal motivation is always 1000% better than external; you don't have to count on anyone but yourself. It's phenomenal. That's how I quit smoking eons ago; easier than dieting I have to say since I never have to look or smell one ever again; I leave when I suspect there is one nearby... they actually make me sick to my stomach now... anyway :)

    2542 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/10/2012 10:27:03 AM
    You could have put it on with a warning...

    Viewer discrection is advised... lol

    Good for you to save it for never! great way to test yourself!
    2542 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I was hoping for a picture of the cupcake - although perhaps at the bottom of the page not the top. Child and I sometimes Spark together.
    2542 days ago
    I've also stopped obsessively tracking - and I find that when I do check it just to make sure I haven't gone nuts or anything, that I'm right in the middle of my range.

    So good for you! And, um, good for you for keeping that penis cake out of your mouth. emoticon emoticon
    2542 days ago
    Too funny! I thought about posting a picture, but thought that might bug some folks. It is actually quite cute. :)
    2542 days ago
    I was waiting for the photo too...You're doing a great job to leave it in the fridge...

    2542 days ago
    I gotta say the only thing to make this blog better is if you had posted a picture of said cupcake! Good for you not eating it!
    2542 days ago
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