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Day 158- Another Jump Down the Scale

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I knew tracking would lead to success.

Well that and walking 4 1/2 miles yesterday.

I kept drinking water and making smart choices when given opportunities to fail. I love packing my lunch every day too. I can keep track of that much easier than I can keep track of how the potato salad/ macaroni salad at the food court is made, or what type of dressing I'm using. While I tried to make healthy choices, I still found myself craving fattier, less healthy things. Now I can make my sandwich and pack an apple, jello, chips, and fiber brownie and be good for the whole day.

My blogs are starting to get repetitive and I'm sorry. It just seems like I have to keep making this discovery over again. That changing my diet is one thing, but being accountable for every item I eat is very important. And obviously increased exercise is helping me burn those calories faster. I would say the 222.4 I saw on the scale this morning was dehydration, except for the fact that I probably drank 12 glasses of water after my walk. So maybe I just needed to jump start the loss again.

It's a very dreary day here, with some drizzle, so I hope that clears up because I'm in love with the bike path. If not, maybe I'll do the treadmill for a while. I just get bored so easily that it's much easier to walk for long periods of time if the scenery changes and I have stuff to look at. Oh well, either way I need to keep exercising.

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