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It's Alive...ALIIIIIIVE!

Monday, May 07, 2012

To follow up on my last blog, I have a SUCCESS to post.
My right hand hand now been functioning consistently for 9 days now.
*9 Days!*
I had a few good days here and there this past January, and I was happy for them. But 9 days back to back? Not since last October.

I did joke a bit about feeling like the bride of Frankenstein after being told about the nerve procedure initially (via my neck). And now that it's over and the 'cocktail' of drugs have saturated things, I think back to Gene Wilder's character as Victor Frankenstein (Fraaaaaank-in-schtein!) in Young Frankenstein, standing over The Monster screaming, 'It's aliiiiiiive!"

I am right handed, so my penmanship these past few months have been atrocious. Pointing, holding a fork, make-up application (e-gads!), extending my hand for a handshake, using my dreaded blackberry for work after hours, and MOST importantly, holding my husband's hand; touching those that I love (even petting Olive) was on hold.

When my hand was not active, it kind of curled up like a roly poly, and turned odd colors. It was very uninviting.
My hand was a figurative porcupine. It just screamed, 'don't come near!'

But this past weekend I didn't just sit on the sofa as my husband worked on projects or hung out at home. I helped! I did stuff!

We re-purposed my dresser and made a puppy kennel area with storage that didn't look like we kept our precious Olive in a milk crate at night.
I begged and pleaded for DH to give in to my zany idea. This was tough thing to do, and required much energy spent making creative hand gestures with my right hand like Vanna White in Wheel of Fortune. After my he agreed to my plan, DH removed the drawer tracks and support slats as I..... watched!
This would have been a risky first project for me, so I delegated. Even better! : ) Now the top drawers hold leashes and extra toys. Success!

I also fired off some very word-y emails, since typing was so much easier to do without stabbing at the keyboard laboriously. I apologized to my friends in advance. Ha!

When Olive brought me her ball, I was able to throw it. Wahoo! We were both pretty happy about that.

I even cradled our little Olive for the first time in a long time. Important to note that I took this photo of my husband holding her, but you know the idea.

I chopped! I sliced! I shredded queso! I assembled the guts of a healthy Cinco de Mayo celebration at home for the two of us. A small feat for many, but a BIG DEAL for me. And it was a veggie dinner, which I love. It's rare for DH and I to eat the same meal and both be pleased. Wahoo for that!

Yes, I confess I ate too much of our little feast. I guess I Cinco de Mayo'd myself, eh?
So I will need to work that off this week. But that's ok since I can hold my tiny weight in hand with more control right now, and that HAS to burn more calories, right?

Yes, this is temporary, but when it fades and I lean toward discouraging thoughts, I will remind myself of the things in this blog. Things that I have not been able to do for too many months. And that will carry me through to the next nerve procedure, and the ones after that.
These procedures are considered to be a form of pain maintenance since I do not have a cure (yet).

I'll keep taking that paper # from the machine and wait my turn to get those weeks of relief that this has provided me thus far. No complaints!

'Nuff Said

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Young Frankenstein

    I play this movie again and again. It never disappoints me. I have been trying to make a small collection of music and movies to play when I am in a "home" and maybe senile! chris
    2354 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I know I saw this before and thought I left a hurrah, but here it is now. emoticon
    2374 days ago
  • NUMD97
    This is wonderful news, Bren. You really know how to make the rest of us poor shlubs appreciate the wonder in the simple tasks that we perform every day with nary a second thought.

    I am over the moon for you with joy (of course!) that your hand is holding its own and hasn't complained about getting back into the mundane world of things.

    May it continue (and here's hoping Lefty joins in the fun real soon),

    2377 days ago
    LOVE this blog! So happy for you. emoticon

    Just letting you know ahead of time...I'm taking the puppy kennel idea. It's emoticon !

    Olive is so adorable. Does she think she's human? OMGoodness. I want to knit her a baby blanket.
    2383 days ago
    Glad to hear that your hand is better.
    2384 days ago
    I love this blog!! Love all the things you've been able to do. That Cinco de Mayo celebration looks delish!!
    2384 days ago

    A door opened up for you. I'm so happy for you. I remember when the pain was so bad in my shoulder and I couldn't even raise my hand to touch the top of my ear. I still have the twinge of pain, the reminder of 'take it easy'. I can only say, I feel for you.

    The fact that you can do these things and with such joy! You're amazing and a marvel for me.

    Do enjoy your freedom!

    2385 days ago
    How wonderful for you! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling any kind of better, and to be able to do those things that most don't even think twice about. How super!

    2385 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    oh, honey, this blog makes me all kinds of happy - what a GREAT idea for the dresser/kennel area. If you were on Pinterest, that would go on there and people would be gushing (I have only visited a couple times myself, but I know a great idea when I see one!) Yay, yay, yay for all of you, for all these sweet improvements, and for some sweet (and long overdue and well deserved) relief! emoticon for now......
    2385 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    I couldn't be happier for you! Those nachos looked WONDERFUL! HA!

    Proud of you girl.
    2386 days ago
  • LGAR519
    I'm so very happy for you. Every little bit of relief you get is a God-send! Enjoy and remember the good times. What a cute little dog!!


    2386 days ago
    I'm SO happy for you emoticon Cherish every moment, you know God has a way of reminding us to enjoy the Little Things in life. Thank you So much for sharing that with us. I was touched!
    BTW the dresser was a AWESOME IDEA!! Very Cute! emoticon
    2386 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    SO glad for you!
    2386 days ago
    Wonderful! You have been through so much! Sending more prayers as we speak! Chris emoticon
    2386 days ago
    I am SOOO HAPPY for you guys!!! And LOVE the kennel idea! Love it! I'm going to have to tell my sister who has pugs. YAAAYYYYY!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2386 days ago
    Your blog reflects all your enthusiasm and your smiles while writing it! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your hands by touching your loved ones as much as you can. Because you're right, that's the most important thing our hands can do for us!
    2386 days ago
    Wowee I'm so excited for you Bren! Sorry the lasagna insanguinating procedure was so awful, but how fantastic that it works! Way to go, you win the ”I've had the life sucked out of me and all I got was this puncture wound” award, and now the award for ” I'm a truly righteous badass for persevering” award goes to...Bren wins again!
    2386 days ago
    I am SO happy for you! And like I've said, I know the brain can be retrained, Autism research proves that, as does stroke patient research, so maybe your nerves (tied to brain, right?) can be retrained to just stop doing the icky flare-ups! I hope so. And I'm going to continue hoping so.

    Off to watch the Voice finale :)
    2386 days ago
    Yay, Bren! Hands are amazing. When you were little, did you look at your hands when you were in bed? I remember doing that when I was small. Just looking at them. My 6-year-old grand-daughter was sleeping in my bed when she was here for a visit and I saw her doing it before she fell asleep. My hands have their own memories, especially for playing musical instruments. I don't have to think, my hands just do their thing. I am so glad you have this respite from your illness and can actually enjoy your hand!
    2386 days ago
    Wonderful news! emoticon emoticon
    And that is one adorable pup! emoticon
    glad you indulged yourself with cinco de mayo treats! It's a feast after all! emoticon
    2386 days ago
    Love puppy central. Great idea!
    2386 days ago
  • CATS_MEOW_0911
    Hooray for good days--so happy for you, Bren!

    And HOW FREAKING CUTE is your dog...
    2386 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I *love* Olive's new digs..and am so glad you're on day 9! emoticon
    2386 days ago
    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!!! Bren, that is so awesome!!!
    Even if it is temporary, it is great that you have some relief.

    I love your idea for Olive's bed. She is a lucky dog. That pic of your hubs holding her is way too sweet.

    I hope this relief lasts for a while!

    emoticon emoticon
    2386 days ago
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