"Son"shine Through The Clouds

Monday, May 07, 2012

I was having a bit of a rough day today. Feeling a bit overrun by my cravings - salty. Think it has to do with "TOM" coming soon. Anyway, morning started off okay with oatmeal for brekkie and a Vector bar later for a snack. I came home for lunch, but had to run an errand - well 30 minutes isn't much time to do it all. So while I was home, I grabbed some pineapple and a few baby cookies. And my errand was to the grocery store to pick up a single serving piece of cake for a coworker who just celebrated her birthday. This is where things sort of fell apart. I bought a cheese stick and a bag of those chip flavoured mini rice cakes - GONE! *gulp* Let the guilt set in. I worked until 430pm, as I do every night and when I get home the kids are already asking "What's for dinner?" which I wasn't looking forward to tonight. About 10 minutes before I left work, I got a message from my oldest son "Hi Mom, we are all done our chores, if you are wondering what took so long you'll have to wait and see for when you get home"... Intriguing!!! So I got home, walk through the door to the 3 of them standing there to salute me... Strange but welcoming, complete with hugs! I find this note on my wall:

They take my bag and purse and usher me into the kitchen where they have this waiting for me:

In the bowl: almonds, strawberries, apples, blackberries, sprinkle of corn flakes and drizzled in honey, and yogurt with arrowroot cookies!!!! Even a strategically placed candle. A fine dinner, especially considering my indiscretions this afternoon! ♥ I feel so loved! I have forgiven myself for giving into temptation, and I'm moving on. I made the boys pork chops, potatoes and corn for dinner. We all ate together - that's a must for me!!! We are having a splendid evening - they are riding bikes in the cool spring evening... My youngest just learned to ride yesterday after his biggest brother taught him, YAY! And my middle boy always avoided riding because he was too nervous, but since he doesn't want to be shown up my his lil' bro he decided to climb back on tonight and give it a whirl. He got his big brother to give him some pointers - and he just came barging in the house, just beaming with excitement "Guess what mom, I'm REALLY good at riding my bike!" He's so proud of himself... Mommy is too actually!!!! They are amazing boys, and keep me smiling! I am so thankful for each of them.
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