I Might Have Eaten My Weight In Tapas This Weekend

Monday, May 07, 2012

I can add a new NSV badge to my sash --- after eating pretty clean for the most part, I am no longer able to eat until I am past full without grave repercussions.

As I have mentioned, my best friend in the world came to CT this weekend and we had a FANTASTIC time - we laughed and hung out and went shopping and unfortunately, hit a few restaurants together. Add this to TWO birthday parties this weekend, my sweet 16 year old stepson and my boyfriend's niece's 19th - and I am ready to be shot from a cannon right to a fat farm. For real. I wish there was a place like a rehab or retreat I could go to that would feed me nothing but really healthy food, have yoga, meditation, and other exercise classes, and wouldn't be thousands of dollars like the Canyon Ranch. Oh well!

Being as miserable and uncomfortable as I was after eating all this restaurant food all weekend, I realize it's because I am satisfied with smaller meals. Of course, restaurants don't GIVE you small portions.

I ordered a falafel salad at this great little place called Kibberia in Danbury, CT -- cafeteria style Middle Eastern cuisine - will you look at the SIZE of this thing??

I have no idea how to account for what I ate, I'm just assuming I was off the rails for three days. So as much as I miss my friend already (she left this morning), and as fun as this weekend was...I'm kind of glad to get back to my routine where I'll be eating human sized portions of food again. I'm just going to have to sweat a little harder this week, and I've decided to spare myself that "elevator with a broken cable" sensation in my stomach by not weighing myself this week. I know it won't be good.

Instead I'm focusing on more NSVs -- holding my plank a little longer, being able to do the plyometric moves on my Firm DVD without wanting to kill myself, increasing my jumps on the jump rope, and most importantly - I think I'm at the point where I want to keep my "indulging" down to a minimum, because too much of a good (yummy) thing makes me feel bloated, sluggish, and just gross.

Feeling gross isn't fabulous. Those tapas I ate, were, however.

As for the rest of this month, two birthdays down, two to go, plus Mother's Day. Can we do this without more restaurant bacchanalia? Time will tell.

Here's my best friend Martha and I -- I'm droppin' the Blue Steel. I think we have about 200+ pictures just like this.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad you had a great time with your friend visiting! I know what you mean about feeling ill after eating off track, I totally need to keep remembering that when I get tempted. It's not worth it in the end! Glad to see you're able to get right back on track though, that's what this journey is all about!
    2204 days ago
    Forgive and forget it, babe. We all have weekends/times like that. You enjoyed yourself, you know it makes you feel icky later and dont want to do that any time soon again, so.. I call that a victory. NOW that means I can torture you with extra cardio or something vicious in our challenge!! MWAHAHAHAHAAH!

    That salad looks delish but WOW, huge!

    I wish there was a Biggest Loser type place we could go hang out for a month and not be missed at work and such.. that would ROCK!
    2204 days ago
    I totally feel your pain. I went out for Indian food this weekend, took a look at my plate and couldn't even begin to figure out how to account for what I was about to put in my mouth.

    It's great though that you recognize that you don't feel good when you eat that much--hopefully you will remember it when confronted with a big plate of resto food again. ( have not quite managed to remember that I feel like hell when I over in indulge, so I keep doing it, although I was less indulgent this weekend than I would have been three months ago.
    2204 days ago
    YAY for seeing old friends! I miss my friends and family so much! You have to give yourself a little bit of fun time. I'm glad you ate out and had fun and aren't beating yourself up over it. It is so nice to get back into the routine though isn't it! Have a great monday and spark on my friend!
    2204 days ago
    I'm with you - restaurants are basically evil! The portions are crazy - here in california all chains have to post calories on the menu - but even then you choose between a 1500 calorie pasta and a 1200 calorie salad - lol!! Went out to sushi with the hubby last night - and when i got my combination dinner I was amazed -it looked like so much food - but a few months ago I would feel hungry after that "small plate!" So I have changed! Good for you that your body no longer wants big huge meals!!
    2204 days ago
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