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Sunday, May 06, 2012

I started having organic produce delivered 2x a month through door to door organics out of Longmont ( Our school is using it as a fundraiser (a certain percentage goes back to our school) but I'm using it as an excuse to get good, local produce. This week's bitty box (the smallest one designed for 1 person) had lots of fruit (I substituted out a few things), fresh carrots (with the dirt still on em!), beautiful green beans, lettuce, a bunch of spinach, and a cucumber.

I did get back on the cooking real food bandwagon this weekend. I miss real food...junk doesn't taste good anymore. I stopped 2x last week for dinner at places like chik-fil-a and wendy's and nothing tasted good.

Today I cooked a crustless spinach quiche using a recipe from door to door organics and my spinach, and then made quinoa with pea pods and peppers (from the SP cookbook--my bible) for dinner tonight... I'm going to throw together the 3 cheese macaroni here in a bit so that I have stuff already ready to eat. Tomorrow night I'm going to make a green bean salad with lemon dressing (from the door to door organics website). Wednesday I am making the ratatouille and pasta from the SP cookbook as well. I have And I'm planning a pasta night. I'll have lots to eat--the quiche is already in the freezer and the quinoa will go in the fridge here in a few minutes.

I've been good about going to Quinn's just about every Tuesday (unless a meeting runs late), but it's gone from a run or a wog with Heather and Anne to a whole bunch of people from school coming along. I don't MIND really--it's good that they get out--but I kinda miss the smallness of what it was...just a few friends out for a run, all running about as slow as everyone else in the group... Now we can't run because a few don't run (their hair will be mussed.....and they can't be seen in a bar with mussed hair!) and it's bad form to leave them behind. So I need to find something else social run wise to do on another night. There are a few others in town, so I'm going to look into them...and if not just go alone. I have routes I can take and feel good about being out there alone...

So I finally got meetings situated so I only had maybe one extra one a week....and now I've been told by another teacher that I have to participate in a study group to take the GT PLACE test in June. I was fine with taking the test, but I've never participated in a study group before, much less one that was mandatory. Several of us want to take the test, and our board has agreed to reimburse us the cost of the test, which is really kind of them because it's a hundred bucks that I could use to buy vegetables and fruit.

But, the downside of this is that now I am back to having a meeting every night... Monday is RTI, Tuesday is this study group, Wednesday is either a 504 or a parenet meeting, THursday is this study group, and then Friday is our staff meeting. Each one goes till 5 or later. And it leaves me, the only person on the entire staff who has extra meetings, NO days after school to prep for the following day unless I stay until 6 or 7 to do it.

I hate being overextended against my will. I already told them that I can't participate on the 29th because I have to go back to the dentist AGAIN to finish up with this crown business, and one had a fit--but do you not understand that this isn't optional? You're REQUIRED to be here...and then demanded I cancel my appointment...which I cannot do. I also have other meetings that are in flux and might have to happen on days the study group's just part of the requirements of my job. And these study group meetings will go on EVERY Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (and so will ruin the entire day because I can't start doing anything or go anywhere) until the day of the I am also missing a fairly good part of my summer since I now can't leave town either. My plan was to take June off, and go back in July to work...and now I will be working the entirety of the summer, doing something, for someone... *sigh*

Whoever says that teachers work from 8-3 and get weekends, breaks, and summers off is full of crap.

On a better note, Heather and Holli and I entered into a biggest loser type contest to see who could lose the highest percentage of weight before the last day of school. The deal is, whomever loses the most has something nice done for them that doesn't involve food or money, because none of us have either of those things. :) Should be a good time--we're all pretty supportive of one another, which makes it easier. Heather has worked REALLY hard to lose 50 pounds this past year and has a bit more she wants to lose. It's pretty darn encouraging :)

Off to have some non-dairy ice cream for dessert...never had anything with coconut milk in it before so we'll see if I like it. I'm not a big coconut fan :P
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    We need to talk about your work ethic woman! School does NOT OWN YOU!

    I"m glad you talked about the quiche - I"m so making that right now so I have something tasty for lunch tomorrow!

    2173 days ago
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