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Day 126: Happy Surprise at this Morning's Weigh-In! 150's HERE I COME!!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The cookout went great. I wasn't even tempted by all of the grilling smells like I thought I would be. Well, maybe a little by the roasting marshmallows and smores. lol! But I enjoyed my homemade quinoa salad, from scratch baked beans, and yummy spinach salad. I was a little worried though with today being the weekly weigh in for SASS challenge because I did have a Mike's lemonade and I'm a big taster when I cook trying to get the flavors right. But I guess between the kick ball game and staying busy all day cooking and cleaning it balanced out in my favor because weigh-in went great! I'm at a NEW LOW!!! So excited!! I'm coming to get you 150's!!!
Also, I'm so proud of my husband. He's been losing weight too. He's lost 40 pounds like me. We decided once we get to 100 pounds lost between the 2 of us that we'll take an after picture and now we just have to hunt down a before. We didn't really like getting our picture taken during our fat season. lol!
Let me tell you, this feels SO good!! No slice of cheese cake or piece of fried chicken could beat it! :)
Also, another new thing I've been trying is visualization. I visualize the next weight I'm going for. Like next will be 161 and I keep that number in my head for inspiration when a snack has a potential to turn to binge or I don't feel like getting on the treadmill. I picture 161 on that scale and know that nothing will stop me!


Time to weigh in!
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December 12th HW- 205
January 12th GW- 195 DONE!
February 12th GW- 187 DONE!
March 12th GW- 180 DONE!
April 12th GW- 172 DONE!
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Yesterday's Weight: 164.2
TODAY's Weight: 162.8 Yay!! New Low!!
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May 12th GW- 165
June 12th GW- 157
July 12th GW- 150
August 12th GW- 145
September 12th GW- 142
October 12th GW- 139
November 12th GW- 137
December 12th GW- 134
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Total Weight Loss to Date: 42.2 POUNDS!!!
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Sunday: Light Cardio!! DONE!
Monday: Cardio & ST!! Kinda DONE, I went light because my leg was hurting but I sitll did it! :)
Tuesday: Cardio! DONE!
Wednesday: Cardio & ST!! Barely Done.
Thursday: Cardio! DONE!
Friday: Cardio & ST!! Mostly done. It was really light on the ST. I NEED to step it up!!
Saturday: Light Cardio! DONE! Thanks to a Kick Ball Game!
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